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What are online video slots?

free video slots

If you are not new to gambling at Betzest casino, you have probably played different kinds of games. Like most betting sites, the highest percentage of games at Betzest includes video slots. These are the most popular games that many people choose. If you want to try out free video slots at this site, it is essential to learn what they are and how these games work.

Introduction to free online video slots

Video slots are computerized slot machines that are based on a particular number of reels. They come with certain symbols that are spaced evenly on the reels and have certain values.

The reels of free online video slots start to spin as soon as you click on the start button. In such games, you have to match a particular number of identical symbols on a pay line from a precise direction for you to win. The number of pay lines is not the same in all free video slots.

Many people at Betzest casino focus on such games since they are not creative but also come with numerous features. Most free casino videoslots include high-quality graphics, entertaining sound effects, and animations.

They are based on unique themes and have interesting storylines. Once you start playing videoslots, you will come across some special features in them.

Most of them contain wilds, bonuses, and scatters that are designed to give you a more interesting gameplay. Apart from the base game, video slots contain bonus games that can give you access to free spins. These offers can help you play for longer.

Free casino video slot games are based on the random number generator. This is the computer software that is used to determine the results of a game. They also come with a return to player rate. This percentage can help you figure out how much you can make from a video slot once you start betting on it with real cash.

Examples of free casino video slot games at Betzest

Now that you comprehend the basic concept behind these games, you should start comparing the free video slots that Betzest casino offers. The casino partners with well-known software developers that keep on introducing high-quality video slots that gamers can enjoy.  Some of the video slots that you can play from this casino include:

  • Great rhino
  • Dead or alive
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Narcos
  • Starburst

3 Advantages of Online Slots

online slots advantages

Online Slots. Out of all of the games that Betzest offers, slots are the most popular. Though such games are still available at land-based sites, most people still prefer playing them online. Here are the advantages of online slots.


One of the aspects that you can enjoy from online slots Canada is convenience. Betzest places all slot machines at your fingertips. This means that you can access such casino games at any time from any location. You only need to log online and find your favorite slot machine. You don’t have to travel to any physical site every time you want to play such games. Such casino games are not only available on a desktop but also on mobile devices. Since this casino has made most slot machines accessible through different operating systems, you can play them even from a smartphone. Whether you are at home or traveling, online slots are always available to you.

Choice of games

Most gamers that engage in online slots Canada real money are impressed with the wide variety of games available. Betzest offers a wide choice of games so that no one feels left out. Whether you prefer three-reel machines or 3D slots, you can always find them from this online platform. You may not be able to exhaust the wide variety of online slots in Canada. Such games also come with different number of pay lines while others use the ways to win format. By playing such casino games online, you can explore various themes and features available in them. Betzest always looks for different ways to make their slot machines more fun. It also keeps on releasing advanced slots that you should check out.

Online slots offer free play opportunities

If you are not interested in online slots real money, you can still enjoy such games without investing any real cash in them. By allowing you to play for free, Betzest Casino gives you the chance to learn everything regarding a machine. You can even learn the right tips and strategies that can help you win online slots. Apart from the demo mode, the online casino also offers bonuses to help you play slot machines free of charge. Using free spins, for instance, can help you extend your gameplay. These are some of the advantages of online slots that many people enjoy.

5 Reasons to try video slot games

video slot games

Advanced technology has led to the development of slots that give people a realistic gaming experience. Game developers at Betzest casino continue to create more interactive games. Most of them are video slot games. This is the most popular slot category that a majority of gamers choose over the rest of the games. Find out why you should play such games.

Video slot games online can help you collect comps

The main reason why many people choose video slot games is to get the best prices from them. Besides the regular rewards, playing such games can help you receive comps. Every casino, including Betzest, has a unique system that video slot players can enjoy. Comps are impressive rewards that make gamers feel more special.

Some of them are skill-based

If you wish to put your skills to the test, you should consider playing certain video slot games online. Not every slot game is solely based on luck. Some of them challenge your mental skills and reward you at the end of your gameplay. Many people are now choosing skill-based video slots since they are more engaging.

They are cheap

You should also play video slot machines since they come at a low price. For instance, you may find video slot machines that require only 0.01 dollars to start playing. The affordability of such slots captivates the attention of many. If you like betting with high amounts, you can still get video slots that suit your budget.

Wide game selection

Video slots at Betzest casino come in different variations. You can never lack a specific title at this betting site. Such games even come with different storylines and designs. Since every player has a specific taste, the casino offers different video slots that can appeal to all kinds of players.

They are rewarding

You should also play video slot games since they can make you rich. Most of the video slots come with high payout rates. As long as you use the right strategies and master the rules on such games, you can earn big rewards from them. Such casino games also come with unique features that are designed to enhance user experience. For instance, video slots come with free spins and bonus rounds that can help you earn more cash at the end of your gameplay. Start betting on such games from Betzest casino today.

Why casino online slots are so popular among casino players

casino slots

Every internet user comes across ads that promote casino slot machines from time to time. These games are more popular than other types in the gambling industry. Many players at online betting sites such as Betzest in Canada choose casino slots over other games. Here is why such games are quite popular.


Compared to other casino games, slots are the most diverse. Betzest casino, for instance, offers hundreds of slot machines that players cannot exhaust. If you ever get bored playing a particular slot title, you can always find a better one from the same betting site. The software developers that create casino slots continue adding more similar games from time to time to attract more players.

Progressive jackpot payouts

This is also another reason why many people play casino slots online than the rest of the games. Most of the slots offered online come with impressive progressive jackpot prices. Such games can make you rich since they often have high payouts. Though progressive slots are highly volatile, they can be worth playing since they can lead to life-transforming amounts.

Exciting features

People also play casino slot machines online since they have a lot of interesting features. Some of these features are hard to find in other game categories. For instance, casino slot games come with interesting bonus rounds that serve as new games within the slot. As you play casino slots online, you can easily unlock bonus games and enjoy more interesting gameplay.

Apart from that, casino slot machines also contain many special features that attract many people to them. These features can help you come up with better winning combinations as you play casino slot machines online.


Many people also choose slots over other games since they are more affordable. Most slots have a betting range of between 0.01 and 100. Therefore, you can decide how much money you would like to bet on such games, depending on your budget.

Easy gameplay

Casino slots are also famous among beginners of online gambling since they are easy to play. You don’t need any complicated skills to start making money on such games. Unlike other games, slots are luck-based and are easy to learn. With patience, you can make significant amounts from playing different slot machines. Start by playing such games for free before betting on them with real cash.

Discover the new free online casino slot games from Betzest

Are you a casual gamer at Betzest casino looking for new games? This gambling site does not disappoint since it keeps on expanding its game library. If you are a fan of slots, you should check out the new titles that this site has introduced. You don’t have to bet on such games with real money since they are offered free of charge. They also attract people’s attention since they are available 24/7. Some of the new free slots that you should consider playing include the following.

Free Reelin Joker

Since Betzest works closely with Play’n Go, this software developer has introduced Free Reelin Joker to the casino. This is a three-reel slot machine that comes with one pay line. In this game, you can form winning combinations by matching identical symbols across a pay line. The slot has an RTP of 96.17% and is made up of fruit symbols such as lemons, cherries, and plums.

Reactoonz 2

Most of the new free slots at Betzest casino are quite unique. If you are looking for one that can give you a different experience, consider Reactoonz 2. This is a cluster-based slot machine that has high volatility. For you to create winning combinations in this slot, you have to land at least five symbols together in a group. Every time you hit a win, you should expect a cascade to occur. The winning symbols will disappear, leaving room for new ones to occupy the space. This new slot stands out due to the inclusion of bonus meters and extra wilds.

Prism of Gems

Our list of new free casino slots is not complete without mentioning Prism of Gems. This is a five-reel slot machine that offers 3087 ways of winning. It is a gemstone-themed slot that has an RTP of 96%. This slot has at least ten different gems that have certain values. Betzest allows you to play such new free casino slots from different devices, including desktop and mobile.

Some of the unique features that Prism of Gems comes with include the cascade, multiplier reel, and split symbols. You can use the available scatter symbols to activate the free spins feature. Once you have learned how to play the new free slots, you can now choose which games are worth investing in with real cash. Such games can help you make profits from your investment.

What are the benefits of playing free slot games?

free slot games

Spinning the reels of a slot machine is quite exciting. These games not only come with different features but also have straightforward gameplay. Betzest casino gives people in Canada an opportunity to play slots in different ways. You can either choose to engage in free slot games or bet on them with real money. Playing free casino slots has the following benefits.

They can help you gain experience

If you would like to become an expert in slots, you should never ignore free slot games. These games can give you the experience you need to become a pro. They can help figure out how different slots work and how to use their features. Betzest casino offers similar gameplay for both free and real money slots. You can implement everything that you learn from free casino slots in real money games.

Free slots no download are fun

Are you looking for a constructive way to spend your free time? If yes, you should play free slots. These games are designed to be dynamic and fun. They come with numerous bonus features and special symbols that will keep you busy for hours. You can immerse yourself in such games as you explore slots that come with unique themes and interesting storylines. Apart from that, free slots no download are easy to get started since you can access them through a browser and start playing even without registering with the betting site.

They are less risky

Unlike real money slots that have financial risks, free slots do not. Once you choose this mode, the casino will give you free credits to play free slots. Since you will not be using your own cash, there is no risk of losing your money. Free slots let you enjoy gambling without subjecting you to such financial losses. If the free credits are over before you are done playing, you can get extra credits from the site.

They let you try different strategies

Free slot games are not only recommended to new players but also experienced players. These give you a chance to try out new strategies and learn different tricks. As you play slots for free, you get to practice more and perfect your skills. This can make you a better slot player and give you more chances of succeeding once you transition to real money betting.

How to play French roulette

casino roulette

Discover how to play French Roulette. One of the oldest roulette games that have existed for centuries is the French version. Though Betzest casino in Canada offers different roulette versions, many people choose French roulette. The casino roulette game is famous since it comes with a very low house edge. You can either play free French roulette or bet on it with real cash.

Playing French roulette casino

In this casino roulette game, the wheel is made up of 37 numbered pockets. These slots include numbers from 1-36. The numbered slots are colored either red or black. French roulette casino also has an extra green slot which has a single zero. All the numbers in this roulette game equal to 666.

You should start playing free French roulette before betting on this game with real cash. This can help you understand the roulette variant better before betting on it with real cash. French roulette differs from other variants since it allows some special bets. Offering betting options keep this game exciting and fresh.

Is video poker better than slots?

video poker

If you have been gambling online from Betzest casino, you have probably come across all kinds of games. Some of the most popular games that many people focus on at this betting site include video poker and slots. These two game categories attract different kinds of players. While some people prefer poker games, others like slots. Find out how these games differ.

Poker games have more strategy compared to slots.

Slot machines often captivate beginners of online gambling since they are mainly based on luck. Video poker, on the other hand, is more skill-based and involves the use of strategies. Every decision that you make in poker can have a long-term impact on the payback. It differs from slots which only involve spinning the reels and managing your bankroll. Due to the use of strategy, poker games are more mentally involving than slots. These games can boost your decision-making skills.

Free slots and video poker differ based on the payback

If you want a game that has a higher payback, you should focus on the poker game. This can help you earn more compared to playing slots. While most slots come with a payback percentage of 96%, poker variants such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or better have rates as high as 99%. You can therefore gain more returns from the computerized version of poker compared to playing slots.

Slots are more relaxing than poker.

The people who feel that slots are better than poker games argue that they are more relaxing. If you are the kind of player who does not care much about strategy, you can stick to slot machines. These games often come with interesting storylines and features that make them more entertaining than free double double video poker. Most casual gamers, therefore, feel that slots are better than poker games.

Slots have bigger progressive jackpots

If you have been playing free double double video poker and are now interested in being a jackpot winner, you should consider slots. These games often have jackpots that are worth up to millions. Though such video poker games can still pay out a lot, their progressive jackpots are much smaller compared to slot machines.

So, between free slots and video poker, which is better?

Since both games have their strengths and weakness, none is better than the other. The choice comes down to preference.

How to play roulette and win online

online roulette

Playing popular casino games can give you a thrilling experience. If you have been looking for a casino game that is easy to understand, you should consider roulette. Betzest casino in Canada offers different online roulette variants that you can check out. To start making money from this game, you have to learn how to play it correctly.

Here are some of the tips to win roulette online games

Start playing online roulette for free

At Betzest casino, you can either play this game for free or for real money. When you are new to such a game, playing for free can help you learn all the basics before you risk your hard-earned cash in it. During the free mode, you can make mistakes without repercussions and learn how to implement the right strategy in such a game.

Choose the right variant

This game comes with different variants that you can pick from. Roulette variants are not equal since each of them has a certain house edge. You should choose the one with a very low house edge once you start playing this game for real money so that you can enjoy higher returns. Some of the variants include French, American, and European. While French and European roulette have a low house edge, American roulette has a high house edge since it comes with more numbers on its wheel.

Consider using betting systems

This is one of the most crucial tips to win roulette online. Though there is no perfect betting system that can assure you of succeeding in this game, using a good one can give you a better chance. Find out how the different available betting systems work before choosing one and weigh their pros and cons.

Focus on outside bets

This casino game gives you the option of placing either inside or outside bets. Though inside bets have large payouts, they have a lower likelihood of winning. Rather than focusing on inside bets, you should pay attention to outside bets as you play roulette. Though these have lower payouts, the likelihood of winning when you focus on them is higher.

Manage your bankroll

As you start playing online roulette, you should begin with making small bets. Work with a certain budget and set limits so that you can avoid overspending on this game. You should always know when to stop.

Can you count cards in online blackjack?

online blackjack

If you want to challenge yourself while gambling online, you should focus on skill-based games. One of the popular skilled-based games that many people in Canada play from Betzest casino is online blackjack. This is an interesting casino game that will make you a better decision-maker and wealthier.

As you play blackjack online for real money, you can beat the house by implementing certain strategies. Most gamers wonder if it is possible to implement card counting in this version. Though you cannot count cards in online blackjack, you can implement this strategy as you play the game live. Here is more!

Why card counting is not applicable in online blackjack

Counting cards is a common technique that is often used when playing blackjack from a land-based site. It involves keeping tabs on the number of low and high cards that are left in the dealer’s deck. When this technique is implemented correctly, it can lead to significant wins.

When you play the computerized version of this game online, strategies such as card counting are hard to implement. This is because online blackjack is based on the random number generator. This computer software makes it impossible for you to count cards. It is responsible for shuffling the cards every time a new hand is dealt. If you like using this technique, consider card counting online live blackjack.

Introduction to live online blackjack card counting

Betzest casino allows you to play this game live as you interact with a live dealer and other players. This version includes a human dealer and real cards. Since the table is designed to operate like a regular land-based casino, it is possible to engage in card counting online live blackjack. Before you, however, engage you should know that the conditions are not perfect.

Though live online blackjack card counting can help you beat the house, most dealers keep on shuffling shoes before lots of deck penetration is allowed. In a live dealer blackjack game that allows at least 50% deck penetration before the reshuffling, card counting could work in your favor. Before you try using this technique at the live casino, take your time to watch blackjack games so that you can find out the deck penetration and assess if you can win through card counting. If you are new to online blackjack, start by playing this game for free at Betzest casino.

Which video poker game should I play?

video poker game

Betzest casino offers a lot of games that you can pick from. If you need an option that comes with great odds, you should consider the video poker game. This is a casino game that is worth your time since it can help you earn some extra cash from online gambling.

It is a skill-based game where your decisions can have an impact on the outcome. Once you receive your cards at the start of this casino game, you have to decide which ones you wish to hold on to and which ones you would like to discard. As you explore this casino game, you will come across numerous variants. Finding the best video poker game to play should be a priority.  Here are the video poker variants that you can play.

Jacks or Better Double Up

This is a single-player casino game that many people choose due to its high payouts. It has a great graphical display and fast gameplay. Jacks or Better Double Up lets you play up to 25 hands. This video poker game can make you feel like you are playing a computer game rather than regular video poker.

Jacks or Better 4 Play Power Poker

If you are not new to betting on Jacks or better, you should check out this variant from Microgaming. It has some interesting aspects and offers a wide range of betting limits. In Jacks or Better 4 Play Power Poker, you can play multiple hands at a go.

All Aces Poker

This is also another variation of Jacks or better that comes with high payouts for 4 of a kind. Unlike other poker games, All aces poker has a payout of up to 99.9%. As you play this variant, you have to pay attention to the paytable since this can help you figure out what you should expect from each winning hand.  Due to the low house edge of this game, options such as auto-hold are not available.

Jacks or Better video poker game

This is the best video poker game to play at Betzest. It is a straightforward game that you can learn in minutes. In this jacks or better video poker game, you can easily spot a good paytable. You can earn significant profits from this poker game since it has a payback percentage of up to 99.54%. Boost your chances of succeeding in this video poker game by following a strategy chart.

Is it possible to play free progressive slots?

free progressive slots

Slots at Betzest casino come in different categories. If you have been playing classic or video slots, you should consider progressive slot machines. This betting site offers not only real money games but also free progressive slots. The casino provides such diverse games to meet the needs of different players. Here is what you should know regarding such slots.

What are progressive jackpot slots online?

These are slot machines that contain jackpots. They differ from fixed jackpot slots since the jackpot price in progressive slot games increases until someone wins it. Every time you bet on such a slot, a small percentage of your wager adds to the pot. Since the jackpot value is often high, many people like progressive jackpot slots online with real cash in the hopes of winning significant amounts. If you have never played such games before, you should start with free progressive slots.

How free progressive machines differ from real money progressive slot games

You don’t have to register with a site for you to start playing progressive slots for free. This is different from real money progressive slots, which require registration. If you choose to play progressive slot machines at no cost, you will not be spending your own cash. The casino will offer you credits that you can use to start exploring such games. Real money progressive slots, on the other hand, need real cash deposits. They come with certain risks since you can lose your hard-earned cash in such machines.

When you choose to play progressive slots for free, nothing can stop you from engaging since you always have access to free funds. If you run out of these funds, you can redeem free credits to continue enjoying your favorite games. You cannot engage in real money progressive slots without funds.

Free progressive slots are great for beginners since they allow you to learn the game and make mistakes without paying for them. You can keep on playing until you master how to play them. In real money progressive slots, mistakes can cost you hard-earned cash. If you choose to play such slots for fun, you should know that you cannot win any real money from these games. Playing real money progressive slots, on the other hand, can make you rich if you are lucky. Now that you understand how the two forms differ, you should choose an ideal option.

Betzest offers you the best roulette strategies that you can find online

roulette strategies

Online gambling has been experiencing significant growth due to casino games such as roulette. This is one of the most interesting casino games that many people at Betzest casino in Canada choose to bet on. If you have never played this simple table game but would like to give it a try, you need to use the right roulette strategies. Luckily, you can easily find them at Betzest casino. Here is more.

The roulette strategies and tips that you can use

This casino game is based on a wheel that comprises different numbers. It has a ball that settles at a certain slot once the wheel stops spinning. Using roulette strategies can help you lower your chances of losing and increase the odds of winning. Some of the strategies include:


Many gamblers at Betzest have been using such roulette strategies and tips to make money from this game. It involves adjusting your bet size based on the previous spin’s outcome. If, for instance, you lose at a certain round, you can increase your bet size by at least two times. If you win, you can go back to the original bet size.


If you have been looking for the secret of roulette winning strategies, you should consider D’Alembert. This is an ideal strategy that you can stick to, especially when playing roulette on a budget. It is less aggressive compared to the previous strategy. Also known as the pyramid system, this strategy involves slightly adjusting your bets based on the outcome. If you choose this strategy, you can, for instance, increase your bet size by only one unit after every loss. You can also decrease your bet size by a single unit after winning.


This is a positive betting system that can also help you win as you play roulette. You should apply it when you want to play even money bets. It involves placing flat bets until you are on a winning streak.  If you choose this system, you should double your bet size after every consecutive win. Once you learn the secret of roulette winning strategies, you can make lots of cash from this casino game.

In as much as you try using these roulette strategies, do not forget other important tips such as bankroll management. This can ensure that you don’t run out of cash too early in the game.

Discover how to play video poker for real money with Betzest

video poker for real money

Betzest has a wide variety of games that you can pick from. If you would like to try out a skill-based casino game, you should consider playing video poker for real money. Though Betzest casino in Canada gives you a chance to play this game for free, real money wagering is more interesting.

Video poker is a popular game that gives you a chance to beat the house. You can make real cash from investing in this game if you master how to play it like a pro. Here is everything you should know regarding playing video poker for real money.

How to play video poker online

At the beginning of this casino game, you should place a bet with real cash. Once you choose the coins, you should click deal. Once you receive your cards, you should decide which cards you should hold and which ones you should discard. To hold your cards, push the hold button that corresponds to your selected cards. You should still use the same button if you wish to cancel your decision.

After making this decision, click draw. If the hand you form qualifies for a payout, Betzest will pay you accordingly. If you wish to play video poker online, you have to pick from different variants. Some of the video poker variants available at Betzest casino include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker poker, tens or better and double bonus. Ensure that you are using the right strategy as you play this game.

The hidden secrets of video poker

As you play this game, you should also find out the hidden secrets of video poker. These can give you more insights as you play the game. In this game, the most powerful card is ace. If you choose the right video poker variant, the ace can even help you get a jackpot.

You should also be aware of the two-pair secret. When you are playing certain video poker variants, you should avoid holding pairs of face cards. Though video poker allows you to pick a different number of coins, consider playing the maximum number of coins. When you engage in video poker for real money with a single coin, the payout for the royal flush will be 250-1. If you play five coins and hit the royal flush, the payout will be 800-1.

5 Benefits of playing free slots online

free slots

Online casinos such as Betzest offer a wide variety of games. Slots, however, remain the most popular category since many people like spinning the reels of these games. These games are the easiest to learn. Betzest casino in Canada offers both free slots and real money slots. If you are torn between these options, check out the benefits of free slot machines.

Free online slots can help you gain experience

If you have never played casino games, you should start with free slots since they can help you gain the experience you should have before you start betting with real cash. Social slots allow you to learn the basics and find out how different aspects of the game work.

Have fun

You can also have fun as you play free casino slots. These games are designed to be entertaining and dynamic. You will find so many features in free online slots that you can enjoy using. For instance, Betzest offers social slots that have very interesting storylines and stunning graphics.

They are risk-free

As you play free slots, you will not be risking any real cash.  These games eliminate the risk of losing your cash since you can play them with fake currency. The casino will give you certain coins that you can use to start exploring different games. Once you run out of coins, you will not be forced to use your own since the casino will add more coins.

Try different tricks and strategies

Have you been playing real money slots? If yes, you should also play free slots since these games give you an opportunity to try new tricks and implement different strategies. With these games, you can master a new playing style before you put your money on the line. This can help you perfect your skills once you go back to real money gaming.

You can set your own pace

Betzest casino offers free slots round the clock. If you have a lot of time, you can play free casino slots at any time as you set your own pace. Though real money slots also allow you to set your own pace, they can be limiting. When you are playing for real cash, your bankroll somehow dictates your pace. When playing slots for free, you can either decide to play for thirty minutes or even for hours while taking breaks.

3 Reasons to choose popular online slots

popular online slots

Online casinos such as Betzest have all kinds of slots. As you start exploring its game library, you will realize that some slots are more popular than others. Some of them include Starburst, Narcos, and Gonzo’s Quest. Experts recommend choosing such popular online slots over other games due to the following reasons.

Popular online casino slots offer high payouts

If you want to make significant amounts from slot machines, you should focus on the most popular options. Most slot lovers choose well-known games that come with high RTP rates. The return to player rate can help you assess the amount of money that you should expect from such games in the long run. The most popular online slots have RTP rates of above 96%. Playing such games for a long time can help you enjoy high payouts.

Flexibility in stakes and numerous elements

Apart from payouts, popular slot games online accommodate players of both low and high budgets. Such games allow you to decide how much you would like to stake without limiting you. The amount can range from a few coins to hundreds of dollars. You should therefore choose popular online casino slots since they can work with your budget.

Apart from being flexible, these games also come with different features. For instance, you can find popular slots that use the ways to win format and have elements such as respins, multipliers, and various types of wilds. Most of the popular slots even include between 5 and 7 reels. The numerous features give you more opportunities to make money from such games.

They are entertaining

If you are looking for fun, you should choose the most popular slot games online. Such games often come with captivating storylines that can keep you glued to your screen for a long time. Betzest works with reputable software developers that create popular slots that come with unique themes.

These will not only entice you but also teach you something new.  Most people also choose popular slots since they contain stunning graphics. They are accompanied by smooth soundtracks that create a relaxing atmosphere during gaming. You can never get bored playing such games.

If you have been wondering which slots to choose at Betzest, consider playing popular online slots. You can easily find the category labeled popular slots from the game library, where you can pick individual games from.

5 Useful video poker tips to follow

video poker tips

Have you been searching for an easy casino game that you can play? If yes, you should consider video poker. This is an exciting casino game that can help you earn some profits from online gambling. For you to succeed in this game, you should follow the most useful video poker tips. Some of them include the following.

Pick the right variant

Betzest casino offers all kinds of video poker games that you can bet on with real cash. At the beginning of the game, you should place an ante bet and then receive five cards. You can then decide on which cards you would like to hold on to and which ones you wish to discard. One of the useful video poker tips that you should never overlook is picking the right variant. Every video poker variant comes with a certain house edge. Picking a game that has the lowest house edge is among the crucial video poker tips and tricks.

Read the paytable

Once you start looking for tips for playing video poker, you will come across this one regularly. Every video poker game comes with a certain paytable which is displayed on the screen. You should take some time to study it before you start playing so that you can assess the payouts you can gain from this game in the long run.

Use the strategy chart

This is also among the most crucial tips for playing video poker that you should be keen on. Before you play a game such as Jacks or better, download the strategy chart since it can help you discover the right moves to make. Using the right strategy can increase your chances of winning in video poker.

Play the maximum coins

In video poker, the paytable displays prizes for five, three, or two coins. Playing the maximum number of coins can help you gain a high prize. It gives you a better chance of earning a bonus than playing a low number of coins. These are some of the video poker tips and tricks that experts use.

Look for progressive jackpots

Some of the video poker variants come with progressive jackpots. Though such games have a high risk, they can lead to greater rewards for lucky players. You can win such jackpots by hitting the royal flush. Utilizing such video poker tips can make you an expert at this casino game.

How can you bet and play online casino games at Betzest casino?

Betzest casino

Have you been thinking of betting online and are ready to start? You are not alone. You can join the numerous gamers by choosing Betzest. This is an online gambling site that operates in Canada. It gives you a chance to bet on all kinds of games in different ways. Learn how to start betting from this site.

Choose between the download and no download option

Now that you have identified the right site to start playing games, you should consider downloading the software. If you don’t always have reliable internet, downloading the casino software can help you give you a good experience. Click on the play now button for the casino software download to begin. You can now register as a new gamer.

Apart from downloading the software, Betzest also allows you to start playing games instantly. If you don’t want to use space on your device, you can choose the instant play option. This site allows you to start playing different casino games directly through a browser. You need a stable connection to enjoy playing casino games through this option.

Create an account at legal online casino Canada

Once you have chosen the right option for you, you can now create an account. The registration process is not that hard. You only have to submit a few details such as your name, email, and address to sign up to this site. After registration, you can now log in using your username and password.

Pick the right gaming mode

This legal online casino Canada allows you to either play games free or for real money. If you are only interested in playing for fun, click on the available demo mode. Gamers that would like to make some extra cash through online gambling mainly focus on the real money mode. For this option, you will have to deposit some funds for you to start playing. For the fun mode, the casino will offer virtual currency that you can use to start playing.

Explore the games

You can now start exploring the game library. Betzest has so many casino games that you can pick from. Most of the games are classified into different categories to make your search easy. Once you find an ideal game, click play and wait for it to load. This will only take a few minutes. Enjoy!

What blackjack game rules should you follow as a beginner?

blackjack game

Blackjack is one of the card games that captivate the attention of many people at Betzest casino. If you have never played this casino game before but are willing to learn, you should start by focusing on the rules.

Here is how to play the blackjack game

This casino game is played against the dealer. Players use a deck of cards to engage in the blackjack game. A deck of cards is made up of different cards such as clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. The cards used in blackjack are given a specific score. For instance, the ace is worth 11 or 1 point, while face cards are worth 10 points.

As you start playing this game, you should work hard to come up with a hand that is closest to 21. This is what is referred to as the blackjack. If you get a hand above 21, this is considered a bust, and the house wins. The game begins once you place a bet and receive two cards from the dealer facing down. The dealer also gets two cards, one facing up and the other down.

The dealer’s face-up card can guide you on the moves that you should make in this game. Some of the moves you can take include hitting, standing, splitting, or doubling down. If, for instance, you want an extra card after getting the first two cards, you will hit. Doing this increases your hand’s score. Standing involves maintaining your hand and not asking for an extra card.

If you get two cards of a similar rank, you can split. On the other hand, doubling down involves placing an extra bet and taking at least one more card. According to the game rules, the dealer has to hit soft 17. The standard game pays 3:2. If, for instance, you bet on the game with $20 and win, you will get a payout of $30.

The blackjack tips you should use

Though this game comes with a house edge, you can minimize this by paying close attention to the basic strategy.  This is one of the crucial blackjack tips that every beginner should be keen on. You should also be selective on the blackjack variant you play. Avoid picking a blackjack game that pays 6:5. Though there is the option of taking insurance, you should avoid it since it has a high house edge.

What is the difference between online roulette and live online roulette?

online roulette

If you are not new to casino table games, you have probably tried playing roulette. This is a simple to learn casino game that can help you earn something from gambling. Betzest casino gives you different ways to play this game. You can either choose to play online roulette or live online roulette. Understanding how these two differ can help you choose the right option.

What is online roulette?

This refers to the computerized version of the roulette game. Once you sign up with Betzest casino, you can easily start playing this version for free. Here, a random number generator controls the game and determines the outcome. In this option, you get to play alone through your device. The casino offers different roulette tables that you can bet on from an online platform.

If you want to play this table game online with real cash, you have to decide how much you would like to bet. Online roulette games come with a wide range of betting limits. You can even start engaging with a very small amount. The problem with this version is that it is less interactive since you don’t get the chance to socialize with other players during gaming.

Online casino live roulette

Live online roulette is different from the previous version in that it offers an interactive gaming experience. Actual dealers host live roulette games. If you choose this version, you can talk to the dealer as you play the roulette game. Since this version mimics the atmosphere of a physical casino, it can give you a more realistic betting experience.

Online casino live roulette games are streamed in real-time from studios. By choosing this version, you can watch the action on your screen as you interact with other roulette players. You get to enjoy this without visiting a physical casino. The Betzest live casino gives an unlimited number of players a chance to play roulette live games at a go. You, therefore, don’t have to wait for your turn for you to engage.

If you choose this live version, you have to pay attention to your gameplay to make the right moves. Do not start with this version if you are still learning how to play the game. The live casino is only meant for experienced roulette players since it comes with high risks. If you are still new to this casino game, stick to online roulette.

What casino table games can you play at Betzest Casino?

casino table games

If you have been playing slots and are looking for different kinds of games, you should consider table games. Betzest casino gives you a chance to play all kinds of table games. These are action-packed games that do not depend solely on luck. You have to use strategy in casino table games for you to win them. Many people choose them since they are more involving and mentally challenging. Some of the table games casino that you can play from this site include the following.


This is one of the casino table games that are quite easy to learn. Though baccarat was once viewed we a high-stakes game, you can now place even low stakes at this game. The table game is played with two cards, and the objective is to form a hand that is closest to 9. You can place a wager on the banker or player. Though there is also a tie bet, you should avoid this option since it comes with a high house edge.


Betzest also offers more table games to prevent you from the monotony of always playing the same game. You should check out the roulette table game. This involves a wheel that spins and a ball that lands on a particular pocket. You have to predict in which slot this ball will land for you to win the table game.  This casino also offers different variants of this game that you can pick from. Check the house edge of each variant before you start betting on roulette games.


Table games casino such as this one can help you earn a lot of cash. You only need to master how to play blackjack. In this table game, you should work hard to beat the dealer. You can also win it by creating a hand that is closest but not exceeding 21.


You will also find different poker games on this site. Some of the casino table games that you can play under this category include three-card, let it ride, 7 card stud, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The objective of this game is to come up with the best possible hand. Once you start exploring the variants, you will find out that they have differing rules. Consider playing them for free before betting with real cash to learn how each variant is played.

Casino Blackjack: Should you play Live blackjack or not?

casino blackjack

If you are interested in playing blackjack, you have to decide the version that suits you best. Betzest casino gives you the chance to play the RNG or live blackjack. Choosing the right version can help you enjoy the casino blackjack game. This is everything you should know before picking live dealer blackjack.

Live blackjack Canada offers better rules

Are you looking for a version that has a smaller house advantage? If yes, you should consider live blackjack online. The rules implemented in different blackjack games determine the house edge. When you play live dealer blackjack, you can enjoy more lenient rules compared to video blackjack. For instance, most live blackjack games pay 3:2.  Such games come with a house edge of 2.2% lower than casino blackjack games with a house edge of 3.29%.

You can implement different techniques

If you are used to using different techniques such as card counting, live blackjack Canada is ideal for you. You can only apply such techniques while playing this game in a live casino. Card counting is not applicable when playing the RNG version of this game since the computer software shuffles the blackjack deck after each hand.


Live blackjack is also ideal for players looking for an interactive gaming experience. If, for instance, you have been playing this game at a land-based site and still want to socialize with others while playing this game from home, the live casino is for you. As you play this casino game live, you can interact with the dealer and other players. Betzest live casino even gives you the chance to pick a dealer you prefer. You can use the drop-down menu available at the site to choose a dealer.

The demerits of live blackjack online

Though this version has a lot of perks, it does not favor everyone. If, for instance, you are used to a fast pace, you may not enjoy playing the casino blackjack live. This is because the live platform has a low pace. Here, you have to wait for other players to make moves.

You can play fewer hands at the live blackjack game compared to playing the game from the virtual casino. Live blackjack games are not for you if you are used to very low betting limits. In this version, the lowest bet you can make is $5. It is, therefore, more expensive than playing video blackjack.

Table games news: Discover the new First Person Dream Catcher game

table games

If you are used to playing casino games, you should explore recently released games since they can give you a different experience from what you are used to. Evolution gaming has a new title for table game lovers known as First Person Dream Catcher. You can find such table games at Betzest casino in Canada.

You can either play the RNG version or the live casino version of First Person Dream Catcher. With such table games, you don’t have to pick between playing alone and playing with a dealer. The game makes you feel as if you are playing from a land-based site due to the large spinning wheels, captivating background, and bright colors it comes with. It also features superior 3D animation. Here is more!

How to play such 3d casino games

First Person Dream Catcher is a casino game that you can learn how to play in a matter of minutes. For you to start playing it, you only need to place a wager. Once you do this, you will be able to see your virtual cash. You can then pick a number that you think will be the winner and allow this game to start.

First Person Dream Catcher comes with 54 segments on the large vertical wheel that you can pick from. The segments include different numbers. One of the things drawing players to such 3d casino games is the inclusion of bonus features. For instance, it contains up to 7x multipliers that can help you grow your balance easily.

As you play this game, you can even choose the pace you are most comfortable with using the speed slider. If you have been playing the First Person Dream Catcher alone, you should consider switching to the live casino version. You can do this by using the go live button. This version is not different since it uses the same layout as the RNG version. The good thing about playing the First Person Dream Catcher live is that you get a chance to interact with a live dealer that can guide you throughout the session.

Play such table games on mobile

If you want to enjoy the First Person Dream Catcher at any time, you can play it from a mobile device. The software developer behind it makes this game compatible with different devices. It does not limit you to one device.

What free online slots can you play as a beginner?

free online slots

Online slot machines are the most entertaining games available at casinos. If you are new to this, you should start with these games. They are not only fun but also simple to learn. Betzest casino in Canada allows you to play different free online slots. Some of the options that you can pick as a beginner are discussed as follows.

Dead or Alive 2

Playing such free online slots can give you a feel of highly volatile games. Dead or Alive 2 is an exciting game from Netent. It comes with nine fixed pay lines and five reels. The slot comes with a captivating theme and a soundtrack that creates a relaxing atmosphere during gaming. During free play, you can learn how to use the Autoplay and quick spin functions. This slot comes with an RTP of 96%.  It has basic symbols and some fascinating features such as free spins, wilds, and multipliers.

Gonzos Quest

This slot game lets you join Gonzo, a Spanish explorer, in his search for the lost city. El Dorado is believed to be a golden city that is full of treasures. Playing the Gonzos Quest for free can help you enjoy this unique theme without spending your cash. It contains some smooth animations and stunning graphics.

The game also comes with three rows, five reels, and twenty fixed pay lines. Betzest offers free credits that you can use to start playing this game. Feel free to access it from any platform, including a mobile device. During your gameplay, you will come across at least seven stone symbols that can help you start forming winning combinations.

Book of Dead

Ancient Egyptian slots are quite popular at Betzest casino. The Book of Dead is based on this theme. This features a temple backdrop and reels divided by different historical columns. It also comes with five reels and three rows. As you play this game, you will come across low-value icons in the form of playing cards.

What roulette rules should you always apply when betting online?

roulette rules

Roulette is among the casino games that offer numerous ways of betting. If you want to engage in this game, you can bet on it from Betzest casino. This betting site gives you access to different roulette variants. Successful bettors in this game practice the game and are also keen on roulette rules. You should learn how to play this game correctly to minimize your chances of losing. Read on.

How to play the online roulette game

Before you start playing online roulette Canada, you should learn about the table layout of this game. Betzest gives you a chance to play this casino game for free so that you can learn its basics. Once you open the game, you will come across a green area in the roulette table designed for placing bets. The game consists of a spinning wheel. You will also notice a small ball on the wheel.

According to the roulette rules, you have to predict in which slot this ball will land on the wheel after it stops spinning. If your prediction is correct, Betzest casino will award you. The roulette wheel has a different number of slots based on the casino roulette online variant you choose. If, for instance, you select the French roulette, you should expect the wheel to come with 37 slots. This includes numbered pockets from 1-36. The numbered pockets have a random pattern and include red and black colors.

The other slot in this game comes with a single zero. This shows the advantage that the house has in the online roulette game. If the small ball lands on the zero slot in French roulette, bets on more than a single number are lost.

Apart from playing the traditional version of this casino game, you can also check out European roulette. This also has a single zero pocket and follows the same rules as the French roulette version. While these games come with a low house edge, the American version has a higher house edge. This is because its wheel comes with a double zero pocket.

In casino roulette online, you can place different bets such as inside and outside bets. Apart from the basic rules of this game, online roulette Canada has additional rules such as the En Prison and La Partage rule. Once you get familiar with the roulette rules, you can now start betting on this game with real cash. All the best!

Which Thor-themed free video slots should you choose?

free video slots

Do you like watching movies or reading books during your free time? If yes, you may have come across the famous character known as Thor. This is the powerful god of war that leads the Nordic warriors. Several slots at Betzest casino feature this character. You should consider playing Thor-themed slots since they are quite entertaining. The casino even allows you to play such free video slots without spending a dime out of pocket. Start with the following games.

Thunderstruck II Remastered

This is one of the free video slots produced by Microgaming. Playing it can help you learn more about its exciting theme. It includes Norse gods such as Loki, Thor, Odin, and Valkyrie. By playing the Thunderstruck II Remastered for free, you learn how to use the different features. For instance, the Thor represents the free spins feature that can help you start earning multipliers, while the Loki symbol offers wilds. Once you have learned the rules of this slot, you can decide if it worth investing in it with real cash or not.

Power of Thor Megaways

If you have never played a Megaways slot, you are missing out. Consider playing the Power of Thor Megaways today. This is an interesting Thor-themed slot machine that comes with stunning graphics. It comes from pragmatic play and includes about 117 649 ways of winning. You will also like the way the slot looks. It is set in a Nordic field and comes with symbols in the form of fierce Viking warriors. Many people also like it since it includes increasing multipliers and free spins.

Thor Infinity Reels

This slot game is based on the Thor theme, and it comes with attractive graphics. Once you hit the spin button, you will come across some discarded swords, mountains, trees, and a night sky. In support of the theme, this slot has symbols such as helmets, axes, and horns with different values. It is a highly volatile game that has an RTP of 96%.

You can play the Thor Infinity Reels free of charge through a mobile device.  During your gameplay, you will also come across other features such as scatters, wilds, and respins. Join the numerous slot players enjoying free video slots based on the Thor theme. Though you may not make real cash from them, you can learn different aspects of such games.

Top 3 progressive slots you should play at Casinos

progressive slots

If you want to win a lot of cash playing casino games, you should not just choose any game you come across. Doing some research on the most rewarding games can prevent you from wasting time on less profitable machines. Consider playing progressive slots since these can be quite rewarding. Instead of having fixed jackpots, such games have a jackpot that keeps on increasing as more people bet on it. Some of the progressive slots that many people at Betzest casino play include the following.

Gunslinger: Reloaded

This slot machine from Playn’Go features a western theme. It comes with 25 pay lines and five reels. Using shoot the cards feature available in this slot machine can make you the next jackpot winner. Apart from having a progressive jackpot, the Gunslinger: Reloaded also has other rewarding features that can help you earn more from it. For instance, it has the free spins feature that comes with multipliers. To start playing this game, you can bet with only a small amount. Besides having playing card symbols, this slot also has theme-related symbols such as pendants, golden nuggets, and sheriff badges.

Bar Bar Black Sheep

Since Microgaming introduced Bar Bar Black Sheep, slot lovers at Betzest casino have been engaging in this game in the hopes of making significant amounts from it.  It is a simple slot machine that can make rich. You will also enjoy the interactive elements included in this machine. It comes with three rows and five reels, and 3D graphics. This slot includes multipliers, wilds, scatters, and free spins. You can even start practicing this slot on a mobile device since it is compatible with different platforms.

Wizard of Gems

This is another slot game that comes from Playn’Go. It has 20 pay lines and five reels. The game has a magical theme that can boost your imagination. The Wizard of Gems come with colorful gemstones that contain different values. Many Canadians at Betzest casino also like it due to the inclusion of cascading reels. You will also be impressed by the available free spins feature since it can help you extend your gameplay. You can also earn different multipliers as you play this slot. Since this is a medium volatile game, you should expect wins from time to time. Start playing such progressive slots since they can make you rich.

Why are the Bonanza slot games so popular?

slot games

If you are not new to slots, you have probably come across Bonanza games.  These are some of the most popular games available online that you should consider playing. You can either play the original Bonanza slot or Sweet Bonanza. Many people at Betzest casino choose these slot games over others due to the following reasons.

They come from reputable software developers

While the original game is from Big Time Gaming, Sweet Bonanza is an exclusive production of Pragmatic Play. Both are well-known software developers that have been producing quality slot games for a long time. You can therefore enjoy playing such slot Bonanza games.

Bonanza slots have a unique format

Instead of following the standard format that other machines use, slot Bonanza games use a different format. They come with at least six reels and more than three rows. Due to the unique format used in such games, you can make more winning combinations within a short duration.

The Bonanza game even has cascading reels. This means that every time you form winning combinations, the symbols that you used will disappear to create room for new ones to occupy the space. These can help you make consecutive wins in a single spin. While the sweet Bonanza game offers all ways pay lines, the original bonanza game offers 117 648 ways of winning. Many skilled slot players like games based on the Megaways engine.

Interesting themes

Apart from the format, these slot machines also come with themes that captivate people’s attention. For instance, the Megaways Bonanza game features a gold mining theme. The sweet bonanza game, on the other hand, features a candy theme. They also come with impressive graphics and an elegant design. In support of the themes, Bonanza games come with symbols that have different values. You have to use the theme-related symbols to start forming winning combinations in these games.

High RTP

Most real money bettors are looking for slots that can lead to high payouts. Bonanza games enable people to achieve this since they come with a high RTP rate of 96%.

Rewarding features

Besides the regular symbols found in these slot games, they come with other features that make them more rewarding. You can make more from using the available free spins and multipliers available in these games. Such features make Bonanza games more popular than regular slots.

Why Betzest is the best real money online casino ?

real money casino

Have you been looking for a good gambling site in Canada? Betzest casino is an ideal option that can fulfill all your betting needs. Since this casino was introduced in 2018, it has impressed a lot of gamblers in different ways. Here is why this is the best real money casino in the region.

Reputation and licensing

Gambling from a reputable site can prevent you from a poor experience. Most players that choose this real money online casino Canada enjoy their experience. The real money casino works under the Malta Gaming Authority, which is among the well-known regulatory bodies in Canada. Since this casino follows strict standards, it always puts the interests of customers first.

The casino online has quality games

Many people consider Betzest as the best real money online casino since it offers quality games. It works with well-known software developers that supply it with games such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat. It offers above 200 slot machines and table games from companies such as Pragmatic play and Netent. This casino also gives you access to such games through different platforms. Since it has embraced the latest technology, it allows you to play real money games through mobile devices.

Impressive offers

This site also gives you access to online casino real money no deposit Canada bonuses. This is not the only bonus available at Betzest. You can also find deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, and the VIP program at this site. Such offers are essential since they can help you start gambling without spending a lot of cash out of pocket.Many bettors like the online casino real money no deposit Canada bonus available at this site since it comes with lenient terms.

Customer support

The best Canadian casino online should always support its customers in different ways. The players at Betzest casino have nothing but praise for this site since it offers excellent customer support. Whether you have a problem trying to claim a bonus or withdrawing funds, you can always get it sorted fast with the help of the customer representatives. 

This real money casino has a helpful live chat facility and other support options such as email. You can even reach out to the casino through social media channels. If you need fast assistance, check out the FAQ section covering different aspects of the betting site.

What are the characteristics of a real money slot machine?

real money slots

Most of the gambling that is done in Canada is done on slots. These are exciting games that don’t require a lot of skills to start winning. Sites such as Betzest casino give you the chance to make something extra by playing real money slots. In such games, you have to bet with some cash in the hopes of earning more. For you to enjoy playing online slot machines real money, you should first understand the basics. Here are some of the characteristics of real money slots.

A real money slot machine has a payout percentage

The return to player percentage is a crucial feature that games such as dead or alive come with. Casinos such as Betzest use this statistic to help you figure out what percentage of your wager you can win back from playing slots. You should choose slots such as Bonanza that have a high RTP rate. Such a game can help you land more winnings than going for one with a low RTP.


Every real money slot machine also has certain volatility. This is the frequency of the game to land winnings. While games such as Book of dead have high volatility, you can still find low volatile games such as Bloodsuckers. High volatile slots may not pay out frequently, but they pay out large sums after an extended period. If you choose to play a low volatile slot, you should expect frequent small wins.

Online slot machines real money come with a paytable

Whether you choose to play Book of dead or Bonanza, you should first check the paytable that comes with such slots. This can help you figure out the number of pay lines and the value of symbols found in each slot.

Feature symbols

You will also come across different feature symbols in slots such as Dead or alive. Every feature symbol included in slot machines performs a particular function. Understanding how each feature symbol works in a slot is crucial before you start betting on it with real cash.

For instance, the wilds can replace regular symbols to help you form better winning combinations, while the scatter symbol activates the bonus round. While some slots feature sticky wilds, others have expanding wilds. Most real money slots also come with multipliers that can increase your wins significantly. You can start gaining multipliers once you make it to the bonus round.

5 Blackjack Betting Rules You Should Follow When Betting

Blackjack rules

Both beginners and regular blackjack players in Canada pay attention to the game rules. Doing this can help you raise your chances of winning. In this casino game, your aim should be to form a hand that is closest but not exceeding 21. You can also win by beating the dealer’s hand. Betzest offers different blackjack variants that you can pick from. If you choose to play a certain variant for real money, you should pay attention to the following blackjack rules.

Understand card values

One of the most important blackjack betting rules that you should pay attention to is card values. Every card that you receive at the start of the casino game has a particular value that you should know. For instance, Ace can stand for 11 or 1. If, for instance, you get a hand is made up of 9 and 7, it means that the value of your hand is 16. Understanding the card values can give you a great starting point as you continue learning how to bet in blackjack.

Use the right blackjack strategy

If you have been wondering how to bet in blackjack, start by finding a good strategy that you can use in this game. This is important since it can help you minimize the risks of losing. You can start by using the basic blackjack strategy.

Choose a small number of decks

Before you think of when to bet in blackjack, find out the number of decks used in different variants. While some of the blackjack games use six decks, others use 8. Choosing a game that has a small number of decks is advisable since it is easy to get a blackjack here.

Know the right moves to make

You should never overlook blackjack betting rules such as this one. Let the dealer’s upcard guide you as you make moves in this game. Some of the decisions that you can make include standing, hitting, doubling down, or splitting.

Discover when to bet in blackjack

Though blackjack is an exciting game that is always available, you should only bet on the game when you are comfortable. Even if you choose live blackjack, you should not let anyone pressure you into making bets on this casino game. Only bet on the game when you clearly understand the blackjack rules that apply in a certain variant.

The Best Online Casinos

Betzest casino

Gambling online from a good and secure site can help you enjoy this activity. Betzest is the best online casino that many people choose. Since this has a valid license from Malta Gaming Authority, it offers a secure platform for you to bet without any concerns. Here are some of the aspects of Betzest casino that make it the best.

Its exclusive promotions make it the best online casino

When betting on casino games with real money, you should use online promotions since they can help you save some of your cash. Betzest has bonuses for not only newcomers but also regular customers. For instance, you can get a no deposit bonus of about 5% even before you bet with real cash. You have to use this within 14 days. This site also has other promotions that you can utilize, including the match deposit bonus, cashback bonus, and VIP bonuses.

Diverse games

Whether you are interested in casino games or sports, you can always find a lot of them here. Betzest sportsbook, for instance, lets you place wagers on all of your favorite sports while the casino has simple games such as slots, blackjack, and baccarat. The diverse games come from the collaboration with great software developers such as Microgaming, Evolution gaming ad Netent. The site, therefore, appeals to the tastes of different customers.

Mobile gaming

Feel free to engage in online casino real money betting through a mobile platform. Since Betzest games are accessible on different devices, you can never miss out on a betting opportunity. You only need to download the mobile app on either an iOS or Android device to access all the popular games.


One of the reasons people consider this the best online casino in Canada is excellent customer support. Many customers are impressed with how fast the agents are to respond. Betzest even offers online support in different languages. You can contact these agents through live chat functionality or email. It offers 24/7 support so that you never get stuck. If you need more details while engaging in online casino real money, feel free to check the available FAQ section.Betzest casino may not have been in the industry for a very long time, but it has managed to create a great reputation fast. This site does not disappoint.

Why should you play new free slots online?

Online casino

Online gambling captivates the attention of many since it gives players a lot of freedom. Whereas some people prefer playing slots for real cash, others stick to free slot machines. The gambling industry is quite competitive as every site in Canada works hard to increase its customer base. One of the strategies that sites use to achieve this is offering new free slots. Find out why you should focus on such games.

They are quite fun

Most of the regular online slots are based on similar themes. If you want something different from what you are used to, you should consider new free slots. Such games are more entertaining since they come with unique themes that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. For instance, you can now find new slots that are based on absurd topics.

New free online slots have better graphics

new free slots

The gambling industry keeps on getting better each day as software developers look for ways to improve the aesthetic value of slot machines. Unlike traditional online slots, the new mobile slots have stunning graphics that many people enjoy. Betzest presents such games in high resolution to boost your gaming experience. You will also enjoy the fascinating visuals included in the most recent free slot machines. Such games include enticing mechanics and smooth animations that are hard to find in older machines.

Access to more features

One of the reasons why many slot lovers are always looking for new free online slots is to explore the unique features they come with. If, for instance, you are used to fruit symbols and a few pay lines, the new mobile slots can give you a different experience. Most of them come with numerous pay lines and unique features such as cascading reels and sticky wilds. Once you learn how to utilize these features by playing such games for free, you can now try them on the real money mode.

Smooth gaming

Since most of the new free slots are based on advanced technology, they deliver smooth gaming. Such games offer smoother gameplay compared to slot games that have existed for a long time. If you are trying out slot machines for the first time, you should pay attention to the recently released machines. Betzest keeps on informing players of the latest slot games they can play. Do not overlook them.

Can I access an online casino just to play free casino slot games for fun?

free slots

Some people believe that online gambling is expensive. Though casinos offer real money wagering opportunities, this is not the only option you can choose. You can still find free play opportunities at a site such as Betzest. Such games give you a chance to have fun without risking your hard-earned cash. Most of the games that you can engage in at no cost are free slots. Read on to learn different aspects of such games.

How to engage in free casino slot games for fun

Now that you know that free slots exist, you probably wonder how you can start engaging in them. Once you access the official Betzest website, you should find the demo mode. This is the fun mode that lets you use virtual currency to start betting on such free games. You don’t have to register with this site for you to start playing free slots online. You can even start playing without downloading the software. All you need to do is click on the specific machine you want to play and let the game load. The reels of the slot will start spinning. You have to match identical symbols on a pay line to create some winning combinations.

Where casino free slots come from

Betzest works hard to attract slot players with different tastes. That is why it works with different software companies that keep on expanding the slot game collection. Whether you prefer classic or video casino free slots, you can always find them all at this site. Some of the software developers that offer free casino slot games for fun include the following.

  • Netent-If you are looking for entertaining free slots online that you can play, focus on those from this company. It is responsible for popular options such as Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst.
  • IGT– Free slot machines such as Davinci Diamonds and Cleopatra available at Betzest come from this software developer.
  • Microgaming– You can also try playing slots that contain progressive jackpots. Microgaming offers such games. For instance, practicing Mega Moolah on the free mode can help you learn the basics that you need to win once you switch to real money betting.
  • Playtech– This software developer is known for creating free slots that feature captivating themes. Playing games such as Age of Gods from this company can help you have fun.

What are the advantages of playing casino games online?


People have been gambling for decades since they love the competitive nature of this activity. The ways in which people gamble changed with the arrival of the internet. Rather than visiting a physical casino, you can now bet on your favorite games online. Here are the benefits of choosing online games.

Existence of free online casino games

Unlike gambling from a physical site where you have to spend a lot of cash, you can find free online casino games. These do not charge you anything since acasino such as Betzest can give you fake cash to bet with. The fun mode also enables you to have fun without risking real cash. 

Casino games online are convenient

If you want to engage in such games, all you need is reliable internet and a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Online gambling has made it easy for Canadians to engage in this activity from the comfort of their homes. You can engage from any location and at any time. For you to play casino games Canada, you don’t have to incur any travel expenses or pay for parking fees at a land-based site. It is both convenient and economical.

Diverse casino games online

If you are looking for different games to bet on, you can easily find them online. This platform offers various games that people with different preferences can enjoy. The problem with land-based sites is that they have limited space for so many games. Online sites don’t experience this problem. Software developers who work with different online betting sites keep adding more games that you can pick from. Such diversity breaks the monotony of always playing the same casino games.

Numerous deposit options

Betting with real cash on an online platform can help you enjoy flexibility. This is because you can choose from so many deposit options available. You only need to pick an ideal option from methods like Paypal, Skrill, Payall, debit, and credit cards. Apart from the numerous options, online betting sites like Betzest also offers a secure betting environment. It incorporates different security features to make you feel safe as you make online transactions.


Unlike land-based sites that only offer free drinks, betting from an online casino can help you enjoy more valuable offers that come in the form of promotions and bonuses. These can help you make more cash and play games for longer.

How to choose an online casino

online casino

Are you ready to start gambling with real cash? Welcome to the world of online gambling. You have to make different decisions. The first step should be selecting a great gambling site. This is not that easy considering all the casinos available in Canada. Using the following criteria can help you choose the right online casino. 

Regulation, licensing, and reputation

You should only gamble from a reputable online casino that is known to offer great services. Reading online reviews can help you identify a good online casino in Canada. Apart from the image of a casino, you need to find out if the one you want to bet from has a valid license and is well regulated. Review the license number of the casino and check the specific regulatory body it works with. This information is crucial since it can help you figure out if a casino is safe. 


Every online casino Canada now offers promotions and bonuses. You need to choose one that has the most generous offers. The bonuses and promotions that a casino offers should be of great value. Take the time to check the terms and conditions that come with such rewards to confirm that they are lenient. Some of the offers that can benefit you while gambling online include the VIP program, free spins, reload bonus, no deposit, and deposit bonus. Focusing on the wagering requirements can help you determine if you can withdraw the winnings you make through such offers with ease. 

A good online casino has diverse games

You need to stick to a site that provides most games in one place. Some of the popular games that a site should offer include slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, bingo, and dice. You should also check the software developers that the online casino Canada works with to assess the quality of the games. Some of the software developers known for producing great games include Netent, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Amatic Industries, and Playn’Go

Customer support

Ensure you choose an online casino that offers excellent customer support. It should provide support 24/7 and have friendly operators. Choose a site that offers different support methods such as telephone, live chat, and email. 
You can find all these good qualities at Betzest casino. This is a popular online gambling site that many people in Canada choose over others. Happy gaming!

What are the latest slot games where people have won the most

Latest game slot

Slot machines are one of the most thrilling games available today. They come with 3D graphics and amazing sound effects that deliver an immersive gaming experience. Many people have been winning real money from playing the latest slot games. Such slot games continue captivating many people’s attention. If you have been wondering which online slot machines real money you should play, start by considering the following popular slots.

Labyrinthof Knossos Multijump

This is among the new casino slot games that people in Canada have been winning. Though it has high volatility, you can make as much as $280,740 from such online slot machines real money. One thing that draws gamers to this machine is the ways to win format. Instead of including a few pay lines, Yggdrasil, the software developer behind it, adds 243 ways of winning. Since it comes with an RTP of 96%, you can enjoy great payouts after some time. Slots players also won the most in Labyrinth of Knossos Multijump thanks to the inclusion of multipliers. This slot has a multiplier of up to 5x, which makes it easy to grow your bankroll fast. Apart from making real cash from this slot, gamers also enjoy the stunning graphics it comes with.

Thunderstruck II Remastered

Online slot machines real money from Microgaming are known to be quite rewarding. One of the games from this developer that many people have been wining is Thunderstruck II Remastered. This is the upgraded version of Thunderstruck II. It comes with 243 pay lines and five reels. Many people choose to play it since it has low volatility. You can make frequent small wins from this slot. People have won the most from this game thanks to the inclusion of great multipliers.

Cat Wilde in the eclipse of the Sun God

If you are not new to online slot machines real money Canada, you have probably come across this game. It is also a rewarding slot that many people nowadays win. Cat Wilde in the eclipse of the Sun God includes 20 pay lines and five reels. Most players who win this game focus on multipliers. Since it also includes cascading reels, you can form a number of winning combinations in a single spin. You can find all the latest slot games that can help you win big at Betzest casino.

Top 5 Popular Slot Games That You Can Play at Casino

Most popular slot games

Slot machines are the most played games in Betzest casino. If you need a simple way to make money from casino gambling, you should consider these games. Here are the most popular slot games that you can play from this betting site.

Book of Dead Slot Game

This is among the best slot games from Playn’Go. It is a high variance slot that comes with an RTP of 94%. You can earn up to 5000 times your stake from the Book of dead. The game includes ten pay lines and five reels. Though you can start using the available theme-related symbols, you should pay more attention to the exciting bonus features available in this game since they can help you earn bigger rewards.

Bonanza Slot

If you enjoy playing Megaways slots, you should consider Bonanza. This is a unique game that uses an unusual format. Instead of including a few pay lines, Big Time Gaming, the software behind it, included 117649 pay lines. It is also a highly volatile game that has an RTP of 96%. Start by playing it for free before investing real cash due to the high risks involved.

Legacy of Dead

Ancient Egyptian-themed slots are quite popular, and the Legacy of Dead is no exception. If you are a fan of this exciting theme, you can check out this casino game from Betzest. It has not only wide betting limits but also an exciting bonus round. Some of the symbols you can use in this slot include Anubis, Burial Chamber, Pharaoh, and Isis. Many people in Canada that play this game are impressed with its captivating graphics.

Dead or Alive 2

Netent keeps on producing quality games, including Dead or Alive 2. This slot machine comes with nine pay lines and five reels. Mastering this slot can help you earn up to 111, 111 times your bet. Some of the unique features found here include wilds, feature buy, and free spins.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Game

Get ready for some tasty treats by engaging in Sweet Bonanza. This comes with a sugary theme and uses the all ways mechanism. To win this game, you have to land at least eight similar symbols on the reels. Every time you create wins, the symbols that you used will be removed, and new ones drop down to replace them. This is among the most popular slot games that come with other special features such as free spins and multipliers.

Book Of Sirens

Book of Sirens is a online slot from Spinomenal is an amazing slot that contains free spins, expanding wilds, scattered wilds and buy features. Play in this 10 lines game with a chance to win up to X5,000 on your total bet! Get 50 Free Spins No Deposit Required At Verde Casino

What is the best free blackjack game that you can play at Casinos?

blackjack game

Blackjack is among the most popular card games that man people in Canada play today. This is an easy casino game that you can learn to play. Since the blackjack game has different variants, identifying the best free game that you should play is crucial.

Though Betzest offers different blackjack variants, most gamers prefer Double exposure blackjack. The site allows you to play this game for free. Free play is important since you can learn all the blackjack rules that apply here before you bet with real cash. Read on to learn how to play this game for free.

The basics of Double exposure blackjack card game

This free blackjack game is more attractive compared to the classic version. Even if you have never played any blackjack online game, you will enjoy this variant. The game begins with you receiving virtual currency from the Betzest. You can use this to make bets on this game just like you would while betting with real cash.

In other blackjack variants, the dealer has one card facing down and another one facing up. This concept is different in double exposure blackjack since here; the dealer has both cards facing up. This also differs from the rest of the games since the variant pays 1 to 1 instead of 3 to 2. As you practice playing this free blackjack game, you will realize that there is no option of surrender.

Some of the moves that you can make in this game include doubling down if you have a 10, 11, or 9. If you decide to split a hand when you have, for instance, a pair of aces, you cannot obtain a natural.Many people consider this blackjack card game as the best because it has a house edge of 0.67%. This means that if you were to play it for real money for a long time, you would enjoy an RTP rate of 99.3%.

Why you should play this blackjack online game free

By playing this blackjack game free, you don’t put yourself at any risk. You can make mistakes without paying for them with your cash. The free mode also gives you a chance to have fun when you want to relieve stress. You can practice the basic strategy that you should use in Double exposure blackjack by playing it free of charge!

Follow This Blackjack Basic Strategy to Win Real Money

Blackjack strategy

One of the casino games that does not purely rely on luck is blackjack. This is a skill-based game that you can win by implementing the basic blackjack strategy. It helps you figure out the best way for you to play this game. Unlike in most popular slot games, every move you make in blackjack can affect the overall outcome. Using a strategy while playing blackjack can increase your chances of winning and minimize the risks of making financial losses.

Professionals worked hard and came up with the best way to play each hand in this game. In developing the basic strategy, such players analyzed how the different number of decks used in a blackjack game affect winning chances. The blackjack simple strategy can help you make the right decisions based on the cards that you view on the table.

Here is the best blackjack strategy

According to the blackjack basic strategy chart, you should make the following moves as you play this game. If, for instance,the dealer card is 2, 3, 4, or 6, and your hand is 17-20, you should stand. This means that you maintain the cards that you already have.

If the dealer’s card is an ace and your hand is 15, you should hit. This means that you ask for another card. If the dealer’s card is 2 and your hand is made of 4, 4, you should split. Splitting pairs is a blackjack simple strategy that can help you play every card as a separate hand. If the dealer’s card is a 2 and your hand is 11, you should double. If you are not allowed to double, you can hit. Doubling down means double the wager you had initially made. You can also surrender in this casino game. For instance, if the dealer’s face-up card is 9 and you have 16, you can surrender. Once you give up your hand, you will be allowed to keep half of your initial bet.

Using the blackjack basic strategy chart

If you are new to playing this casino game, you may find it hard to memorize the best blackjack strategy. Worry not since you can easily find a chart that you can download and use in your favorite blackjack variant. As you pay attention to the blackjack strategy, you should stick to low-stakes games when you are still learning the basics.

5 online slot games you should try

new casino slot games

Each year, Betzest introduces new casino slot games to motivate everyone to play them. Such games come with exciting themes that can keep you entertained and high bonuses to help you win big. This betting site works with leading software developers in the industry that ensure that you can enjoy your gameplay in such games. These are the advantages of online slots that you can gain. If you are ready to start playing, consider the following new online casino slots.

Rome: The Golden Age

This slot machine was released in Feb 2021. It is an exciting slot that can help you learn a lot about the Roman Empire. Apart from its captivating theme, Rome: The Golden Age comes with five reels that come in a diamond shape. You can make significant amounts from this slot with the help of wilds and free spins.

Piggy Bank Farm

If you wish to play new online casino slots like this one on mobile, go ahead. Piggy Bank Farm is optimized for mobile gaming so that you can always access the game from any device you prefer. This colorful game has a farm theme. The background of this slot is made up of crops, a tractor, a barn, and fields. You will also enjoy the 3D visuals including in this new game. The slot comes with 50 pay lines and five reels.

The Faces of Freya

Playn’Go came up with yet another quality slot game that many players enjoy. If you are a fan of this gaming developer, you should check out The Faces of Freya at Betzest casino. Like most slots, this machine comes with 20 pay lines and five reels, and three rows. You can start winning by landing more than three similar symbols on a pay line.

Dragon’s Luck Deluxe

If you prefer Asian-themed slots, you can try this game. The interesting machine has reels set against a valley. On both ends of the reels are two regal dragons. Dragon’s Luck Deluxe comes with four rows and five reels.

What are the biggest blackjack wins at an online casino?

Blackjack wins

Have you been searching for an interesting casino game that can help you make significant profits? If yes, you should consider blackjack. This captivates the attention of many since it has low odds and is a skill-based game.Using certain strategies can even help you lower the house edge even further. Many people have managed to get significant blackjack wins. If you have been wondering how much you can make from the blackjack game, check out some of the biggest winners in this game’s history.

Kerry Packer got the biggest blackjack win of about $40 million

If you have been playing blackjack for a while, you have probably heard of this name. Kerry Packer is one of the players that got among the biggest blackjack wins more than once. He was so lucky that on one occasion, he won $40 million. To top it off, he was already a millionaire by the time he won this amount. One of the strategies that Kerry implemented to win such big amounts is betting the max on this game.

Don Johnson-$15 million

This CEO was also lucky enough to get a significant blackjack win that amounted to $15 million. He is an avid player that has learned the importance of practice in this casino game. This player has been betting on blackjack for a long time and has a good record of winning streaks. Being a strategic player has helped him get the biggest blackjack win in the history of this game. Like Kerry, Don Jonson is also a millionaire that wins more than he loses in blackjack tables.

Ken Uston-$4.5 million

If you have been dreaming of getting the biggest blackjack wins, you can learn a few things from the likes of Ken Uston. This is also another successful player that managed to get a blackjack win of about $4.5million. Key Uston has taught players how to count cards in this casino game. You can implement this strategy while playing live online blackjack from Betzest casino. Ken was so good at the game that he somehow forced casinos to make this game harder.

Play Blackjack on HighRoller

Though blackjack is an ancient game, it is still quite popular in the gaming industry today. Anyone, including you, can enjoy great blackjack wins like these players. You only need to learn the rules, do enough practice and use the right strategy.

At Betzest, You Can Play The Best Casino Slot Games!

best slot games

Whether you prefer playing the latest slot games for free or for real money, you can do it from Betzest casino. This site keeps on adding more variety to its collection of the best online slot games. Many people in Canada are always on the lookout for the best slot games, and Betzest casino does not disappoint them. Here are some of the best games that you can play from this betting site.

Buffalo King

Pragmatic Play is known for creating the best free slot games and supplying them to Betzest. One of the quality games that you should consider playing is Buffalo King. Playing this game for free enables you to learn the different aspects included in it. It offers 4096 ways of winning and has six reels. Once you start wagering with real cash, you can play this slot machine from 40 points to $60. The best online slot games have high risks but great rewards. That is what you should expect from this game. Though it is a high volatile game, it has an RTP of 96%. You can make up to 93750 times your bet from this single machine.


Since this casino slot was introduced in 2012, it has become one of the most played games in Betzest. Many people choose it since it is highly rewarding. Starburst comes with ten pay lines and pays both ways. You can therefore match symbols on a pay line from right to left or left to right. It is a jewel-themed slot machine that has symbols that come as brilliant gems. Each gem has a particular value. For instance, matching three yellow gems on a pay line can help you earn up to 10 times your bet. This game also contains unique wilds that lock into one position and then expand to cover an entire reel.

Reel Rush 2

If you have been looking for the best free slot games, you should not overlook Reel Rush 2. You can play this casino slot at no cost through a mobile device. Betzest offers a demo version that allows you to learn the rules of this slot machine. It offers more than 3125 ways of winning. This is considered among the best slot games due to its incredible features. Some of them include the wild, respin and free spin feature.

Join Betzest for the best casino slot games

If you are searching for top casino slots to play or you want to find out what are the biggest blackjack wins at an online casino, the Betzest Blog is the best place to be!

What real money slots should you play?

popular slots

Have you been thinking of casino gambling online? You are not alone. This is an activity that many people engage in for different reasons. The biggest percentage of people in Canada gamble to make extra cash from this activity. One of the simple games that you can begin with is slots. Betzest offers so many real money slots that you can try out today. We will discuss the most popular casino slots that you can enjoy playing.

Great Rhino slot

This is a medium variance machine that comes with an RTP rate of 96%. It is an interesting slot that gives you a chance to explore the African savannah. Since Pragmatic Play came up with the Great Rhino slot, gamers have been betting with different amounts on this machine. It has reasonable betting limits that range between $0.20 and $100. The slot contains 20 pay lines, five reels, and three rows. Mastering this slot can help you earn up to 200,000 coins.

Book of Dead slot

Join a famous explorer known as Rich Wilde as he pursues treasures in Ancient Egypt. This slot machine comes with three rows and five reels. You can start betting on this slot with real cash using any amount between $0.01 and $50. Since this is a highly volatile machine, you should maintain a slow approach to avoid making losses. Book of Dead slot contains some rewarding features, including the gamble feature, free spins, expanding symbols, and wilds.

Extra Chilli slot

Rather than including a few pay lines, the Extra Chilli slot offers 117,649 ways of winning. The vibrant and bright theme also impresses many gamers. Though this is a highly volatile slot, its RTP rate is relatively high. It, therefore, rewards significant payouts in the long run. This machine can help you earn up to 20,000 times your bet. Big Time Gaming includes six reels in this machine and features such as free spins. It is based on a Mexican theme and contains symbols such as tacos, tequilas, guitars, and sombrero symbols.

Legacy of Dead slot

Egyptian-themed slots captivate the attention of many. If you are a fan, you should consider playing this real money slot. This lets you explore the famous tombs of ancient Egypt as you search for different treasures. The slot machine contains ten pay lines, three rows ad five reels. Feel free to bet on the Legacy of Dead slot with any amount between $0.10 and $100. It includes multipliers, free spins, and wilds.

Dead or Alive 2 slot

Betzest works with Netent, which supplies it with quality slots such as Dead or Alive 2. You can win real cash from betting on the Dead or Alive 2 slot. It comes with nine pay lines and five reels. You should utilize the free spins feature during your gameplay since it can give you up to 29 spins free of charge.

Real money slots are the real deal. Start by choosing either of these machines and learn how to play it well.

What is the difference between French and American roulette, and which one should you choose?


One of the casino games that many punters bet on is roulette. Though this game has existed for a long time, it remains popular despite the introduction of many other games. Online casinos, including Betzest, give you a chance to place bets on the roulette game. You can pick from different variants of this game. Some of the popular variants that you can consider include French and American roulette. Finding out how they differ and which one is a better option is crucial before you start betting.

Before we discuss the differences, you should learn the basics of online roulette. This game involves placing bets while predicting where you think a ball will land once the spinning wheel stops. The roulette wheel contains different numbered pockets. If you manage to make accurate predictions, you will be paid you depending on the amount you used to bet. Here are the variants and how they differ.

French roulette

This is an interesting roulette game that you should consider playing. The French variant comes with a wheel that has numbers ranging between 1 and 36. Apart from this, it includes a single zero pocket. The numbers of the roulette wheel follow a certain sequence. When you look at this wheel closely, you will notice certain features in the layout. For instance, in the French variant wheel, the black and red numbers always alternate. Low and high numbers also alternate in this wheel. Even and odd numbers are evenly spread out around the wheel. From such observations, it is evident that the order of these numbers in this online roulette variant is not random

American roulette online

The roulette wheel of this variant looks a bit different. Though the wheel still has numbers that range between 1 and 36, this wheel also has double and single zero pockets. You can also notice a different pattern in how the numbers are displayed on the wheel of this roulette game. For instance, the sequence does not have visual balance. Low and high numbers are more on this wheel, and the even and odd numbers tend to appear beside one another.

So, how do they differ?

One of the key differences between French roulette and the American variant is the layouts for the respective wheels. While the French variant contains 37 pockets, American roulette online has 38 pockets. The house edge of the French variant is 2.7%. When it comes to the RTP, this game can pay back 97.3%.

It is better than the American variant, which has a house edge of 5.26%. It means that the average RTP rate of this game is 94.74%. Though some bettors like the low betting limits set for American roulette, choosing the French variant can help you enjoy better payouts. Since Betzest offers both games, you should start playing for free to assess which one you like better. Online roulette is fair since this game is based on a random number generator.

What are the best free casino games for fun that you play ?

Are you new to playing casino slots but would like to try them out? You are welcome to do it from Betzest casino. This offers so many games that you can play during your free time. You don’t have to bet with real cash as you play free casino games for fun. The casino will give you fake cash that you can use to test the machines.

Playing free slots is advisable before you invest your hard-earned cash since such games are forgiving. You can make mistakes in this mode without any repercussion. Here are some of the best online free casino games that you should consider playing.

Slot bonanza

Big Time gaming came up with this interesting slot machine to keep you busy and entertained. This is a unique slot that is based on Megaways engine. During your gameplay, you should expect six reels that show symbols between 2 and 7. Slot bonanza is a fast-paced game that has features such as exploding reels, wilds, and scatter symbols. Most people in Canada like playing this slot on mobile.

Starburst slot

If you want a game that leads to frequent wins, you should try out this casino game. This is a low volatile game that you can play for free. Netent, the software developer that created this machine, includes five reels, ten fixed pay lines, and three rows in it. Playing such online free casino games lets you learn how to utilize features such as expanding wilds and free spins. You will also enjoy the exciting theme of this slot. It includes a colorful space theme and symbols that come in the form of sparkling jewels. You should expect captivating sound effects that accompany each spin in the Starburst slot.

Wolf Gold slot

Explore this Wild West theme and meet some majestic creatures that always have different prices. Pragmatic Play includes top-notch animation in this game and a soundtrack that creates a relaxing atmosphere during gaming. This is among the best free casino games since it has so many features that you can attempt using on the fun mode. You should expect three rows, five reels, and 25 pay lines in the machine. Wolf Gold slot has a jackpot and special features, including wilds, respins, and free spins.

Sweet Bonanza slot

This is a sugary-themed slot that comes from Pragmatic Play. Sweet Bonanza slot contains six reels and five rows. Unlike in most slot machines, you have to land at least eight similar symbols on any location on the reels to win in this game. Some of the valuable symbols you can use while playing this game include grapes, plums, bananas, and melons.

Twin Spin slot

This game comes with 243 pay lines and five reels. During your gameplay, try out the twin reel feature since it can expand up to quadruplet reels. Twin Spin slot also contains other features such as wild, which can lead to more winning combinations. You can play free casino games for fun now from Betzest casino.

Learn in 5 steps on how to win at video poker

Real money casino games

One of the casino games that you should consider playing is video poker. This is a popular game that many people in Canada play due to its high odds. Since it is a skill-based game, the decisions that you make can influence the overall outcome. Though you can play video poker games free of charge, wagering with real cash can give you a thrilling experience. Following certain steps can help you learn how to win at video poker. Start by doing the following.

Before you play video poker online, learn its rules

Since this game has a low house edge, it gives you a chance to make significant payouts from it. For you to succeed, you should first get familiar with the rules. This simple casino game is based on a five-card draw. Like other casino card games, it uses a 52 card deck. Once you receive the cards at the beginning of the game, you have to decide which ones you should keep and which ones you should discard. After making this move, hit the draw button so that the machine can replace the cards that you discard. You should try to form a poker hand like two pairs, royal flush, flush or straight. Betzest casino will then pay you an amount based on the value of the hand you come up with.

Pick the right variant

Betzest has different variants that you can bet on. Take your time to compare them and only bet on the right variant. Every variant has a particular house edge that you should check before selecting it. For instance, many people choose to bet on Jacks or better since it has a house edge of 0.46%. This means that you can enjoy high payouts from this variant compared to picking a game with a high house edge. For instance, though Deuces wild is a fun game, it has a house edge that is about four times that of other variants.

Go through the paytable

Before you play video poker online, you should check the paytable that is displayed on the screen. Choosing the right paytable can help you enjoy great payouts in the long run. You can, for instance, select one that pays 9/6.

Use the basic video poker strategy

You can win at video poker games if you use the basic strategy. This prevents you from guessing, which often leads to losing. The video poker strategy can guide you as you make different moves. It can also help you reduce the house edge of this game even further and minimize the risks of making financial losses.

Try progressives

If you want to make big wins from this game, you can try progressives. Look for poker games that contain progressive jackpots and consider betting the max. Though these games have a high risk, the potential rewards are greater. Now that you know how to win at video poker, you should try the game today.

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N1Bet Up to $/€10000 + 200 FS No promo code required
Powbet 100% up to $500 + 200 FS + 1 Bonus Crab No promo code required
If you want to try Real Money Casinos or Spoortsbooks then visit the table below:

50 Free Spins No deposit required in Book Of Sirens


275% up to €/4000 or 0,1 BTC


100% Up To $/€500 + 25 Jackpot FS

50 Free Spins No Deposit Required in Dead Or Alive 2 

100% up to €/$500 + 200 FS


100% up to €/$500 + 200 Free spins + 1 Bonus Crab


20 FS No deposit on Spinfever slot + 10 FS NDB on Rooli

100% up to $/€500 + 200 FS + 1 Bonus Crab

New players only

100% up to €/$300 & 20 Free Spins Welcome Bonus 

100% up to $/€500 + 200 FS + 1 Bonus Crab Welcome Bonus

150% deposit match up to 3,000 USDT + 25% Rakeback


Up to $/€1000 + 600 Free Spins + Secret Bonus


100% Up To €/$500 + 200 Free Spins


100% up to $/€ 500 + 200 Free Spins


50 Free Spins No Deposit Required in Book Of Fallen 


100% Up to $1,000 + 200 Free Spins Welcome Bonus


Up to $/€1,111 Welcome Package + 300 Spins


Up to  €/$ 2000 + 200 FS Casino Welcome Bonus


Up To $/€1,500 + 500 Free Spins 


100% Up To €/$ 1000 + 50 FS Casino Welcome Bonus


$5 Free No Deposit and $2200 Welcome Bonus

100% Deposit Boost and 200 Free Spins on Book of Dead

New players only

100% up to $/€1000 + 50 FS


€/$ 10000 + 200 FS Casino Welcome Bonus


400% Up To €/$ 10000 + 300 Free Spins


100% up to €/$500 + 200 Free spins


$/€450 + 250 free spins


Up To €/$450 + 250 Free Spins


140% Up To €/$1500 


100% Up To $/€500 + 200 free spins + 1 Bonus Crab


100% Up To 1 BTC  Welcome Bonus


180% UP TO $/€20,000 Welcome Bonus


370% Bonus + 750  Free Spins + 75% Cashback Welcome Bonus


200% Up To $/€2700 +390 Free Spins


100% up to €/$500 + 200 Free spins


100% Up To €/$ 800 + 120 Free Spins


100% Up to €/$50 + 20 Free Spins


Up to €/$2000 + 225 Free Spins

UP TO $/€3000 + 225 FS

100% UP TO $/€500 + 50 Free Spins


€/$ 500 or 5BTC+ 180 Free Spins


Up To $/€800 + 1 Bonus Crab Welcome Bonus


100% Up To $100 Welcome Bonus 


Up to €/$ 3000 Welcome Bonus

100% Up to $/€20,000 + 100 Free Spins

100% Up to $/€10000 Welcome Bonus 


$5 Free Chip + 420% Match Bonus up to $1,500 


Up to $/€1000 + 1 Bonus Crab


Up to Up To €/$ 10,000  + 500 Free Spins


100% Up To €/$ 750 + 75 FS Casino Welcome Bonus


350 Free Spins Welcome Bonus 


100% up to €/$250 Welcome Bonus


Up to  €/$ 1000 + 150 Free Spins Casino Welcome Bonus


UP TO $/€1,500 + 150 FS Welcome Bonus


Up To $/€1000 + 100 Free Spins Welcome Bonus


100% Up To $/€200 + 100 Free Spins Welcome Bonus


Up To €/$ 2500 + 200 FS On BigBassBonanza

100% up to €1000 + 50 FS 

100% up to €/$300 + 170 Free spins


150% Up To €/$1000 Sportsbook Welcome Bonus


100% Up To €/$100 Casino Welcome Bonus


100% Up to $/€122  Sports Welcome Bonus


100% up to €/$150 with 150 Free spins

200% bonus up to $2000 + 5% Rakeback
€/$5 Free No deposit + $/€100 Welcome Bonus

Bonus Code: GLHF

100% up to €/$600 & 50 Free Spins Welcome Bonus 


100% up to €/$200 Welcome Bonus


New players only

100% up to $1500 Welcome Bonus


120% up to €500 + 250 FS  Welcome Bonus


€/$5 No deposit  Code: CHIP-TASTIC



Bonus code: Casino

100% up to €/$100 and 100 Free Spins

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