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What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual Sports Betting is randomly-generated simulations of sporting events that you can bet on. These events start at scheduled times, and are not based on what happens in “real life” sports. Odds for different outcomes are provide by the betting sites prior to the event starting.

What Virtual Sports Can I Bet On at Betzest?

Virtual Football World Cup, Virtual tennis, Virtual basketball, Virtual Football Nations Cup, Virtual Football League Mode, Virtual Dog Race, Virtual Horse Race and Football Simulated Reality League

What is Simulated Reality League ?

The Simulated Reality League is a new virtual sport that consists of pre-match and live betting options. Where you can find Simulated Reality League
You can find this new feature from the Sports List menu in this order: Soccer>>_Simulated Reality Leagues. The sport consists of leagues from England, Germany and Spain. Each event plays out for a full 90 minutes and you can bet on your preferred teams, view match statistics and league tables and even track your bets through our Live betting tracker.

The global pandemic that began in 2020 did not affect our ability to offer exciting betting opportunities. At Betzest, we continue to offer different methods of placing bets on games, including virtual sports. This has made us remain the best sport betting operators in the industry. We offer a wide range of virtual sports that you can bet on, including virtual tennis, virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual horse race, virtual dog race, and simulated reality league.

You don’t necessarily need live sports to bet on games. We at Betzest present a unique way of wagering on different games 24/7. Our virtual games do not depend on the occurrence of real events. Betzest also offers the most competitive virtual sports odds that you can use while betting on these games. We give our bettors a chance to place different types of bets on these games. Offering numerous markets enables our bettors to enjoy an exciting virtual betting experience.

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Introduction to virtual sports betting

Betzest has incorporated innovative ways of betting on sports to accommodate everyone. We conduct different sports events virtually through computer software and give you the chance to engage in virtual sports betting. Advanced technology has enabled us to create quality video games that our bettors cannot get enough of.

Since the software plays out different sporting contests and races, you only have to make predictions as you watch as the games play out. Betzest uses advanced algorithms that can determine a game’s outcome. Our algorithms take into consideration different factors before determining the outcome, such as the participants’ skills. Our virtual games are also highly entertaining since we include stunning computer-generated graphics. Betzest continues to offer action even when there are no real-world sporting events taking place.

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Before you bet on virtual sports, find out how they differ from real sports

Most of our customers who are new to sports betting focus on our virtual games. This is because this type of wagering is straightforward. You don’t need so much knowledge on sports to succeed in virtual wagering. This is different from real sports wagering, where you have to learn so much about a team and its players.

We at Betzest also offer so many wagering opportunities on virtual games. We ensure that there is always an event that you can bet on. External factors such as flight cancelation, the weather, or global pandemics cannot interfere with our virtual games. Betzest ensures that bettors enjoy the unique features and creative graphics that we include in our virtual sports.

Unlike real sports betting, our site also ensures that you can bet on virtual games any time throughout the year. The virtual events last for few minutes so that you can continue betting on them as much as you want. For instance, a virtual football game can last for 3 minutes as opposed to the real game, which goes for more than an hour.

You don’t have to wait for so long to find out if you made an accurate bet in virtual wagering. Betzest also uses advanced software in creating virtual games to make our bettors feel as if they are in an actual sports arena. We can give you a realistic experience as you bet on virtual sports.

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Check out our exciting virtual betting sports

One of the things that have made us dominate in the industry is the provision of numerous games. Betzest has virtual sports for almost all the popular games that people enjoy worldwide. We offer such betting opportunities to ensure that all our punters never feel left out. Some of the virtual games Betzest offers include the following.

Virtual football-Betzest gives you a chance to bet on different football leagues virtually. Make use of the virtual sports betting odds that we present for this game to make accurate predictions.

Virtual basketball– For all the basketball fans, you don’t have to wait for the NBA to take place for you to bet on such events. Betzest offers virtual basketball betting markets that you can pick from. Utilizing the excellent virtual sports odds that we display for this game can help you maximize profits.

Virtual horse racing-Betzest covers different virtual tournaments on horse races and gives you a chance to winning some exciting prizes. We give you a chance to place wagers on digital simulations of such races on virtual tracks after every few minutes. Our site uses realistic animations to simulate virtual horse races.

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Find the best virtual sports betting odds from Betzest

Just like in live sports betting, the odds are essential in virtual sports wagering. This shows the likelihood of something happening. Betzest has some of the best odds that you can use as you bet on different virtual games. We offer such odds so that you can make significant profits while betting from here. As you focus on the odds, you should also check out some of the betting markets you can use in different games. You can bet on virtual games by focusing on markets such as moneyline, handicap, and proposition bets. Offering diverse options makes betting on virtual games from Betzest interesting.

As virtual games continue gaining traction, Betzest offers more opportunities to place wagers on these sports. We give you a safe platform for you to make virtual sports wagers without any worries. In case you experience issues, feel free to contact our support team at any time.


Is betting on virtual games legal?

Yes. Betzest is a licensed bookmaker that allows you to bet on virtual games legally.

How long do I have to place a bet at virtual football?

Betzest runs football matches for about 3 minutes. You have around 90 seconds to place a wager. We have a countdown that can inform bettors of the remaining seconds before the market is suspended.

Can I engage in live betting on such sports?

No. In-play betting does not apply in virtual games since the matches don’t unfold in real-time.

How can I win while betting on these sports?

Start by placing small stakes and focusing on one match as you bet on virtual games.

Are virtual games fixed?

Yes. Betzest offers fixed odds games. We use a computer algorithm and a random number generator to determine a game’s outcome.