Let’s spice things us with a different kind of online sports betting Welcome to the best esports betting operator. Betzest offers some of the most competitive esports odds. We also cover a wide range of electronic sports, including League of Legends, CS: GO, and Dota 2.

Betzest provides different esports betting markets, including match winner, over/ under, handicap and special bets.

You can bet on electronic sports from Betzest at any time since we operate 24/7. If you have any issues, we offer an excellent support system to help you solve problems. We aim to meet the requirements of all our bettors. You can even engage in esports live betting from Betzest. We are a licensed bookmaker that offers customers a secure platform to bet on esports.

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Why bet on esports from Betzest

Betzest is a reliable bookmaker that numerous players trust. We are a licensed esportsbook that puts your interests first. Since Betzest has a valid license, all our operations are transparent. We abide by strict laws to protect the interests of all our customers. You don’t have to worry about unfairness or security issues.

Engaging in online esports betting from Betzest gives many players a chance to make some extra cash. We offer unique promotions that you can use to build your bankroll as you place esports bets. You can start betting on different electronic sports using our no deposit bonus. We also match the first amount you deposit on your account so that you have more to bet on these games.

As you place wagers on electronic sports, you should also be on the lookout for regular promotions we market to avoid missing out. We even offer high rollers a VIP program which comes with numerous perks. If you make some losses while betting on electronic sports, you can take advantage of the cashback bonuses that Betzest offers to motivate bettors.

Betzest can also help you make significant profits from such sports since we display the most competitive esports odds. Paying attention to the betting lines we display can help you find out the team with the highest chances of winning. You can bet from our site without getting into any legal issues.

The electronic sports available at Betzest esportsbook

Betzest offers numerous electronic sports that appeal to players with different tastes. Whether you are new to esports wagering or not, you can always find a suitable option here. Our goal is to accommodate everyone. Some of the electronic sports that we offer include:

League of legends-If you love games based on teamwork, you should try out this electronic sport. This involves two teams made up of five players that battle against one another in an arena. The team that manages to destroy the opponent wins the game. Betzest displays odds on different teams that you should pay attention to before placing a wager on this game.

Dota 2-We also offer comprehensive coverage on this electronic sport and gives bettors a chance to earn high prices. The game involves teams of five members fighting one another. Find good esports betting tips that you can implement in this sport.

CS: GO-You can also engage in esports play by focusing on CS: GO. It involves terrorists and counterterrorists who go against one another. Betzest gives you a chance to bet on different CS: GO tournaments. Ensure you learn the rules of each contest before placing a wager on this electronic sport. In this game, the counterterrorist tries to defuse the bomb that terrorists put.

How you can engage in online esports betting from Betzest

Betzest gives you the chance to place wagers on various electronic sports in different ways. By offering numerous betting markets, we make betting on electronic sports more exciting. You can start betting on online esports by focusing on the match-winner.

This is the most straightforward betting option that we offer beginners. Here, you only need to predict which team has the highest chance of winning. Apart from match betting, Betzest also offers another market known as handicap betting. This applies when there is a significant difference between the two teams. You can also bet on electronic sports while focusing on the map market. Here, you have to choose a team that you think will succeed on a different map.

Betzest also offers the over/under market to bettors who prefer not to back any of the teams. Apart from regular betting markets, you can also focus on our special bets. For instance, as you bet on a certain game, you can predict which team you think will kill a special creature first. Using the right esports betting tips as you focus on these markets can increase your chances of making accurate bets.

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Making deposits as you engage in esports play from Betzest

We also cater to the financial needs of bettors that prefer using different banking methods. You can make deposits through Visa, Neteller, Ecopayz, Mastercard, and Astropay. Apart from our banking methods, we also accept different currencies such as CAD, EUR, USD, and AUD.

As the electronic sports industry keeps growing, so is the coverage of such games in Betzest. We present all the exciting betting opportunities that you have been looking for. No matter if you choose to bet on esports, on sport or you choose virtual sports betting, Betzest offers it all!


How can I win from esports wagering?

Get extensive knowledge on how different games are played. Learning the weakness and strengths of each team can also increase your chances of winning.

Can I bet on electronic sports live?

Yes. Betzest offers fans live betting opportunities on electronic sports. We keep on updating the odds as the game progresses. Pay attention to these while betting on such games live.

Who can bet on such games?

Betzest gives everyone interested in such games a chance to place wagers on them. Anyone can learn this form of sports betting and benefit from it.

How much can I make as I bet on these games?

This depends on how well you understand the odds that Betzest offers and how much you have in your bankroll. You can make a large sum if you have the right skills.

Does Betzest offer great bonuses for esports?

Yes. You can choose from our diverse bonuses as you bet on these games. We also make it easy for you to withdraw winnings that you make while utilizing our bonuses by setting lenient terms on them.