What is the meaning of the slot machine symbols?

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If you are not new to slot games, you have probably come across different symbols in these games. Every slot machine contains specific symbols that have different effects. While some of the slot machine symbols are similar, others are unique in particular games. To play slots well, you first need to understand how to use the available symbols to your advantage. Let us check out some of the symbols available in slot machines Canada.

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Standard symbols

Symbols have existed since the invention of the first slot machines. The easiest games, including classic slots, contain standard symbols. Using these symbols can help you start forming some winning combinations. The most common symbols in classic slots come in the form of fruits. Such games include fruit symbols such as lemons, cherries, and plums. Apart from fruit symbols, popular slot games also have bar and bell and card symbols. Some of the card symbols included in slot machines are the queen, king, ace, and ten. You can use such standard symbols to earn small prizes during your gameplay.

If, for instance, you choose to play 3-reel slots, you may come across a total of 20 symbols on each reel. This means that the total number of symbols in such a game will be 60. In most five reel slots, card symbols are used to represent low-value prizes. Such a game also includes theme-related symbols that can help you earn much more. Most players like using such symbols since they are highly rewarding and feature stunning visual effects. You have to get at least three identical symbols on a pay line to form a winning combination in most slot machines.

Wild symbols

Apart from standard symbols, most popular slot games also feature additional symbols that have varying meanings. For instance, you may come across a wild symbol in video slot machines. This is a unique form of bonus that is designed to stand in place of all the regular symbols apart from the special slot symbol that can activate the bonus round. As you play progressive slots, you should utilize wild symbols since they can raise the odds of winning. In some games, the wild symbol shows up on a specific reel, while in others, it appears on all the reels.

Since game developers look for ways to attract gamers to specific slots, they have come up with different types of wild symbols. You can find slot games that include expanding wilds, sticky wilds, or even multiplier wilds.

Scatter symbols

The most popular slot games also contain scatter symbols. This is another bonus feature that can help you activate the bonus round. In most progressive slots, you have to land at least three of these to trigger the bonus effect. This round is crucial since it can help you access free spins that extend your gameplay. If you want to start utilizing such slot machine symbols, look for slots available at Betzest casino and start playing them today.