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One of the popular games that many people in Canada follow is mixed martial arts. It is not only an exciting sport to watch but also gamble on. MMA is among the fastest-growing sports in different parts of the world.

If you enjoy this sport, you are probably familiar with some famous Canadian MMA fighters. Before you engage in MMA betting Canada, it is vital to know the capabilities of different fighters before supporting any of them.

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Some of the best Canadian fighters that engage in MMA

Georges St Pierre

The 38-year-old MMA fighter from Montreal is considered among the best since he has managed to dominate the welterweight division for more than ten years. Between 2008 and 2013, Georges St Pierre managed to beat some of the elite MMA fighters, including Carlos Condit.

Roy MacDonald

If you want to bet on MMA online, you should also pay attention to this Canadian fighter. Roy MacDoldald was the former champion of the welterweight division. Most MMA fans support this MMA fighter since he keeps improving his skill set from time to time. Since Roy made it to the UFC, he has managed to beat MMA fighters such as Nate Diaz. Roy MacDoldald has a record of 15-1.

T.J. Grant

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Have you been following up on the best MMA knockouts? If yes, you have probably heard about T.J grant. This MMA Canadian fighter is known for winning one of the best MMA knockouts over a famous fighter known as Gray Maynard. From the six fights that T.J grant has participated in, he has managed to win three and lost three. In 2013, T.J grant got a concussion, which was a big setback in his career. Despite this, he is still considered a great MMA fighter.

Carlos Newton

MMA fighters are considered among the most skilled athletes in the world. Finding out the difference between an MMA fighter vs. street fighter is important before choosing to bet on mixed martial arts. One of the things that distinguish an MMA fighter vs. street fighter is the skills used. An MMA fighter such as Carlos Newton has to follow particular rules during the competition. This fighter is considered among the pioneers of MMA in Canada. He started MMA fighting in 1996 and has managed to beat some of the best fighters over the years. In 2001, Carlos Newton became the UFC Canadian champion.

Patrick Cote

Engaging in MMA online betting is interesting. As you look at the different players that can help you win a bet, you should not overlook Patrick Cote. This MMA fighter has been fighting for more than 15 years. During his professional MMA career, he has managed to beat the likes of Ben Saunders and Josh Burkman. In the Ultimate fighter, Patrick cote finished runner-up after being beaten by Anderson Silva. Despite this, the MMA fighter keeps on showing great improvement every time he fights. Supporting the best Canadian MMA fighters can help you win some cash during betting.