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Online Sports Betting. The global sports betting market is huge, with online betting accounting for a significant percentage. In Europe alone, online gambling is said to be worth close to €20 billion per annum, with hundreds of millions from online sports betting being used to fund professional and grass roots sports.

At Betzest, we’re proud to be a part of this growing online sports betting industry and to play our role in something that benefits all sports all over the world. We’re still a relatively new company in this field, but we’re able to offer the best odds with pre-match and live betting across a host of sports and markets.

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Online Sports Betting

There are a number of online sports betting markets at, covering the biggest sports in the world (Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, American Football) as well as some niche alternatives (Politics, Entertainment).

Just find your sport, select your chosen market, and place your bets—but make sure you have funds in your account first. There are over a dozen different payment methods to fund your account and all these guarantee fast and secure payments.

All bets are overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Government of Curacao, both of which ensure that Betzest operates legally and fairly and continues to provide the best service.

There are sports betting markets with hundreds of different options, ranging from main bets, such as the number of goals scored in a soccer match, to niche bets, such as the winner of a single frame of snooker or the first person to kick a drop goal in a rugby union game.

Sports Betting Bonuses

There are several top bonuses available at Betzest, including both sports betting and online casino bonuses. Take a look at our Promotions page to learn more and make sure you opt-in for whatever bonus appeals to you.

These bonuses can give you a head-start at Betzest, showing you the ropes and letting you place a few free bets on your favourite events. Sports betting promotions are available to new members and to loyal ones, with new promotions appearing all the time. So, even if you’ve played your way through your bonus and have firmly established yourself as a Betzest supporter, make sure you keep a close eye on our Promotions page.

Most Popular Betting Markets

Here is a quick list of the most popular betting markets on Betzest alongside a description of how they operate:

Match Result

A simple bet where you stake your money on the team or player that you think will win a particular event. Some games have an option for a “Draw”, but others, such as Tennis and Snooker, do not.


A theoretical handicap is created to balance the odds and offer more possibilities. If we use the following as an example: England -1.5 vs Greece +1.5, the first bet wins when England win by 2 or more goals; the second bet wins when Greece win, draw, or lose by 1.


An Over/Under bet on the number of Goals, Corners, Throw-Ins or Points. A game in the NFL, for instance, may be displayed as Under 45.5/Over 45.5. This means that a total of 45 points or less would win the former bet while a total of 46 or more will win the latter. These bets, unless otherwise stated, tally the totals from both teams and do not include Extra/Over Time.

Prop Bets

A prop bet is a specific bet placed on a specific outcome. It can include bets on the first goal or point scorer, as well as bets for specific players to get red/yellow cards, or for specific outcomes, such as a disqualification in American Football, a 147 in Snooker, or a 9-Dart Finish in Darts.


An Accumulator bet takes multiple bets and adds them together. This increases the odds, but all bets need to be successful for a payout to be triggered.


An Outright bet is placed on the outcome of a multi-game tournament or event, such as a World Cup or League.


An each-way bet requires twice the stake amount and pays-out a smaller sum of money if it finishes on the podium.

Live Betting

Live betting is one of the most exciting innovations to hit the sports betting sector in recent years. Just a decade ago, the idea of betting while a game is active was unheard of. It was something that land-based bookmakers simply couldn’t implement and something that seemed out of reach even for online sports betting sites.

But technology has improved and live betting is now very real and can be found on a host of betting markets across the Betzest website. Also known as in-play betting, Live Betting lets you place bets even after the game/match/contest has begun.

This means you can bet on the winner of the FIFA World Cup or the US Open even after the initial games have been played; bet on the second goalscorer in a soccer game after the first goal has been scored, and more.

Live Betting markets are constantly shifting as they adapt to on-field, in-game changes. If Manchester United are the slight outsiders against Liverpool but they score early on, the odds will shift in their favour, making Liverpool the outsider and Man Utd the odds-on favourite.

It’s these changing odds, in addition to the extra markets and options, that makes Live Betting so exciting, turning it into one of the most popular features in the sports betting sector.

The Best Odds

Whatever betting markets you choose and however you decide to bet, you are always guaranteed the very best odds at Betzest. We strive to provide competitive betting markets on all sports and all events, giving you more money when you win and more incentive to place your bets with Betzest.

If you want the very best online sports betting, with the biggest markets, best odds, and fastest payouts, then sign up to Betzest and place your bets today.We are one of the best betting sites online and are constantly trying to do more and improve our status. come join us and see what we can offer you. .