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The online casino virtual it’s an amazing place filled with games, graphics, entertainment, and action. There are lots of slots, reels, wilds, scatters, multipliers, table games, cards, roulette wheels, balls, bingo, dice, and endless fun. Due to technological developments, brick and mortar casinos are frequented less and less by players and online casinos are on the rise. The igamer is the result of these developments, an online player who likes to play his online real money casino slot games from the comfort of his mobile or desktop wherever and whenever he likes. Be it from a mobile browser or from an app, the top casinos are completely optimized for any kind of devices so just by clicking the site the user gets the same experience from all devices.

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Online Casino

If you are a newbie, you may find it confusing for the first time, and without the relevant information, it may be a bit hard to decide on where to play, what online real money casino slot games to choose and most importantly on the safety and the reliability of the games. We have all the answers, and luckily, here at Betzest, you are on one of the safest casinos in the online world. One of the most important aspects of entertaining and having a great time is the process of choosing a casino site. The money of our wallet deserves the maximal respect when it comes to staking it.

You surely don’t want to risk your money in a non-reliable casino site. There are many risks when it comes to those casinos, and some of them are not paying winnings, fraud, and identity theft. Licensing it’s the first and most important attribute when it comes to choosing a casino site to play online real money casino slot games. Security, regulation, and licensing of a site are of paramount importance. You can easily verify at the bottom of the page if the seal of the licensing authority is there.

Before you deposit the money always make sure that the seal is authentic by clicking it and also verify that the casino site has SSL encryption. This way you will be safe from hackers that can appropriate your information. Online real money casino slot games are way more convenient than traditional slots but nevertheless you have to investigate before to deposit real money.

Online Casino

Choosing a safe site, it’s the first part of the quest, secondly and very important the casino has to be highly entertaining when it comes to variety in choosing, it has to have a wide range of gameplay. So you can start with some branded video slots like Narcos, for instance, later on, want to try video poker and after that some hands in blackjack or baccarat. You also want to make sure that the value of your money spent is maximized when it comes to promos, bonuses, rewards, and various incentives that the casino offers. So the inquiry on the casino site should start from these two questions: “Is the site safe?” and “Is it entertaining?”

Another fundamental elements to keep in check when assessing the reliability of a casino are the reviews and ratings that casino has through different sites, so it’s recommended that these reviews be thoroughly read in order for you to have an approximate idea of the reputation of the casino.

When it comes to choosing the games, here on our blog, there are various articles that explain in detail the rules and the game mechanics of all the casino games available. Based on general popularity slots are the main selection of the players, at least those who play to entertain themselves. They are fun, they have many, many ways to win, easy to play, the graphics are amazing (and improving every day) and they have a lot of entertaining potential.

Online Casino

You can check their styles as there are many types of slots and video slots. They range from 3 to 7 reels, but it doesn’t mean that the more reels the more chance to win, and the same it’s valid for the amount of bet and money you play. The variety of the betting denominations and payout lines also very important when playing online real money casino slot games. There are single, multiple lines or jackpot style progressive slots.

In the beginning, feel free to try out the different styles of playing and get comfortable for instance with our 5 €/$ Free Play here at Betzest where you can try out for fun each of our slots where the themes are unending. After you have played for fun and for free you are able to get a hold on games and you are more experienced. This is probably the best moment to deposit and play for real as you have a general idea of what’s going on.

Online Casino

Always keep in mind that when playing casino games, you have to build a strategy, and the strategy it’s not always about the games you play but the amounts you play. It’s highly improbable that you will become rich in playing online real money casino slot games, and you must understand that casino games have a house edge which in the long run makes the house win more than the player, and this is well known. This is the reason that bankroll management has a prime importance when playing casino.

Always keep an eye on the bankroll because sometimes it drains very fast. There are various methods to manage the bankroll, the best casinos offer self-limiting options where you can put an amount of how much you would see it reasonable to play and the casino system automatically makes sure that’s you don’t exceed those limits.

Online Casino

You can limit the betting amount, the playing session amount, the daily, weekly, or monthly losing amount as well. Set also some personal limits and try not to change them even when you winning. Always remember to bet small amounts because the risk is also smaller and also the entertainment lasts longer, which is the main reason for playing, having the most fun. You can play on our mobile casino for hours and enjoy the most of our no deposit and deposit offers.

Betzest mobile casino is fully optimized for the small phone screen and offers the same games and depositing methods as in the desktop version. Feel free to consult our articles in our blog where the different types of casino bonuses are explained and you can also check our promotions page where we have everyday something special for our clients. Also, make sure to check our bonuses terms and conditions page where we state the conditions for the different bonus offers.

Online Casino

Last but not least as a player you should always gamble for fun and entertainment. There are a lot of success stories publicized in the media and we all heard of a friend or relative that won a big sum of money playing but that doesn’t mean that this is always the case. We at Betzest recommend playing for fun as addiction is a really serious matter and can be considered even as a pathology. Always make sure to get a reality check and not to gamble with money that is necessary for other things.

It is worth mentioning that casino games are to be treated for what they are, just games. They are not schemes to make money; they are just games that are based on luck. We always remind our clients to play responsibly and if you ever feel that gambling is becoming a problem for you, we urge you to contact us directly so we can take measures and offer you help right away.


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