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Online betting Ice hockey is believed to be the most popular sport in Canada, as the sport having been regarded as the official national sport in Canada. Having said that we can easily assume that Canadians are sports lovers as much as the rest of the world. The point is that their tastes rank as this Ice Hockey, five empty spots, swimming, football – the European style, basketball, baseball, cycling, and tennis.

Gaming License: Get Your Gambling Business Started

The Canadian sports betting industry continues to expand and is estimated at $14 billion, making it hard for sports bettors to find their favorite online bookmakers. Whether you are looking for the best NFL bookmaker or the best site for live betting the NHL, below we will give you an overall idea of how things work and why you always should rely on the safety and licensed bookmakers.

A Sports Betting Guide for Canadians

Canadians love to bet online, but often are unsure where to find sports betting tips and information. Well, stop searching more as our online betting guide provides Canadians with everything they need to bet on sports online.

Only by landing in this article means that you already have been introduced at Betzest and we want to ensure you’re playing at a safe and legit online betting site. Feel secure and confident you will have an amazing betting experience.

In this article, we will cover sports betting tips as well. We treat their usage, along with the risks and ways to make money using sports betting tips. Keep scrolling down for more!

Sports Betting Tips for Canadians

Plenty of ways, plenty of choices. There are a lot of ways to use online betting tips. However, before you can use tips, there are some steps a bettor needs to take into consideration in order to excel.

1st Step: Open an account at an online sportsbook

Are you 18 or over; have a valid e-mail address and have a valid address in Canada? Then, wait no more, and click on the Register Button

You also need a form of payment so you can make your first deposits and make the easiest and fastest withdrawals an online bookmaker can offer.

Do not forget to take advantage of your ‘Welcome Bonus’. Make a deposit and Betzest will Double it Up to $/€100. Also, Online Betting Betzest will offer you a Free $/€ 5 No Deposit Bonus once you verify your mobile number. See, that’s why Betzest is the so-called Best Online Sportsbook.

Now that you are all settled, you can use the sports betting tips that you saw online. These tips also can provide bettors with information on future games and the top bets to make.

Sometimes, you will be faced with sure-betting tips. These are usually the amplest betting tips with the maximum probability of paying out. Keep in mind there is always a risk when betting on sports with these ‘tricks’.

2nd Step: Where to find Sports Betting Tips?

The best place where wise gamblers find sports betting tips in Canada is all around the internet, literally.

Out there are plenty of websites with betting experts that research every aspect of betting. Through analysis, they provide Canadians with comprehensive betting guides, the best online odds, accurate predictions, and of course, sometimes they will link you to different online bookmakers.

3rd Step: When to use Online Betting Tips?

There is not a perfect time when to use a sports betting tip. Whether it is to enlarge your sports gambling knowledge, to find sure sports betting tips today, or even betting tips for apps, bettors are pushed to use any resource at their hand when available.

Furthermore, we recommend checking the power ranking frequently, which provides information on teams, their recent success, and upcoming schedule. You can combine power rankings with free picks to find the best bets on future games.


Have been said all the above now we will give a useful tip when betting on the NBA. This is to learn more about NBA over/under lines. This league has the most noteworthy variance in over/under betting lines (ranging between 190.0 and 230.0 for most games).

For NFL a popular option is a teaser. A teaser involves parlaying two or more teams, with the point spread adjusted. The adjusted line decreases the potential winnings but also reduces the risk associated with the bet. Take into account teasers in weeks with multiple big favorites (any point spread over 7.5 points).

And last but not least is sports betting tip on the NHL. The trick here is knowing when to bet on underdogs. The variation between the best and worst NHL teams is smaller than it is in the rest of the sports.