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NHL Betting. For all Canadians that just landed in this article, you already know the answer. For all the rest can just search in Google for the most popular sport in Canada? You noticed that huge pop-up that almost cover your screen? Yes! You guessed it right.

Why Betting NHL Underdogs is a Winner

Ice hockey is considered to be the most popular sport in Canada and to be more precise, it is the official national sport in Canada. Canadians are sports lovers in general and you will see that they like to follow basketball, with their preferred league NBA. They also are huge fans of Roland Garros, boxing, baseball, and many more.

But when things come to hockey, National Hockey League is considered as a value. Yes, really. They are peaceful people, friendly, polite, and hockey lovers. Ice hockey for Canadians is part of their life and entertainment. And when you want to be entertained you are in the best place to find some great bonuses and NHL picks at Betzest.

NHL Betting In Canada

National Hockey League is the world’s top hockey league, hence draws eyes from all over Canada and the world. The attractiveness of NHL means there are plenty of types of bets offered on the NHL and sure at Betzest Sportsbook as well. Let’s take a dig into the hockey betting lines before you choose which one will choose to start.

Types of NHL Bets

NHL Moneylines

NHL moneylines based on the recent data and worldwide statistics is the most frequent type of bet placed on the NHL. This is mostly because NHL is a very competitive league, with the difference between the top and bottom teams not clearly visible. This means moneylines are commonly in the range of -120 to -250 for the favorites and +100 and +225 for the underdog. To benefit more from this type of betting we suggest that you bet on them with the tie option as in this way Moneyline odds offer better value.

NHL Game Totals

NHL game totals known as over/under betting lines are a popular bet hockey. The lines are set amid 5.5 goals and 6.5 goals. This type of hockey betting means that you are betting if the two teams together playing will score more or fewer goals than those predicted above.

NHL Point Spreads

NHL pucklines, are almost always a 1.5-goal handicap. When you choose this type of NHL betting, the favorite needs to win by 1.5 goals to cover. Pucklines are used to get extra juice on the favorite when you are assured, they will win by multiple goals. The underdog on the puckline bids a smaller return but is a reliable bet as they can win or lose by a goal and still cover.

What’s interesting about Pucklines is that they make the last minutes of a game really exciting. When the net is empty and the favorite is leading by a goal, the chance of an empty goal is to make or break on puckline wagers.

NHL Prop Betting

While the above bets are focused on the tie the NHL props betting involve betting on the performance of a team or player. Some props include whether a specific player will score, how many goals a team will score, or what player will have more points.

NHL Futures

NHL futures as the name indicates are bets on the outcome of the season and playoffs. For example ‘which team will win the Stanley Cup’ is the most popular future NHL. Similar futures are which team will win the division, and point total over/under for the season.

NHL Live Betting

This type of betting has grown in popularity in the last years. Live betting options available on NHL games include moneylines, game totals, puck lines, and some game props (for example what team will score the next goal). Odds on these lines always move as the game takes place.

NHL bonus

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