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One of the betting options that is slowly gaining traction in the gambling industry is esports. If you are new to this, you should understand that it stands for electronic sports. If you love competitions, you should consider engaging in online esports betting. Esports is all about competing with other people in different regions as you play video games.

How Esports Are Fueling The Data Economy

Though people have been playing video games since the invention of home computers, the ability to compete with people in different locations was not possible in the past. The one way people could compete in such video games is if they were present in the room that contained the video game. This has changed with the introduction of esports betting. You not only get a chance to compete with others in different regions but also gain cash from your gambling activity. Those who engage in online esports betting reveal that playing such games over the internet is quite fun.
How to choose the right site for online esports betting

For you to enjoy this form of betting, take your time to find the right esports betting site. When esports was first introduced, very few bookmakers offered this form of betting. Things have, however, changed with time as many people continue discovering it. There are now so many esportsbooks that can make your search challenging. You have to be careful with choosing a site for esports play since it can have an impact on the kind of experience that you get.

Though most of the esports sites are genuine, the industry is still faced by the threat of malicious operators who don’t put your interest first as you gamble on esports. You should, therefore, avoid signing with the first esportsbook you come across. For you to choose a top-quality site to bet on esports, you should use particular criteria. Find out about the reputation of the gambling site from reading customer reviews. Go through the licensing information to confirm that it is creditworthy.

One of the things that can help you succeed as you engage in esports wagering is utilizing the rewards offered. Ensure that the site provides numerous bonuses that are not hard to gain. You should also find the interface user-friendly and confirm that the site provides multiple wagering options. You should also confirm that the site you pick offers fair games. One of the esportsbooks that meets all these requirements is BetZest.
Esports Betting
Is Esports wagering legal?

If you have not yet started betting on esports due to the fear of breaking any law, you should eliminate such thoughts. This form of betting has become a popular activity in different countries, and no one has even been prosecuted for engaging in this activity. The gambling industry not only offers sportsbooks that incorporate esports as one of the wagering options but also dedicated gambling sites that only deal with esports wagers.

Since the Supreme Court dissolved the ban against sports betting in 2018, American states have been setting their own laws regarding games such as esports. Though esports shares some similarities with regular sports betting, it is not the same. Esports may use the same forms of wagers and odds and other sports games, but it is different due to the inclusion of young ones.

People under 18 years sometimes have access to esports. Though some states are strict about letting minors access esports games, most organizations allow young ones to test their skills in such games. Some of the common areas where many engage in esports wagering include Asia, Europe, and America.
You can place esports bets on the following games

Before you start gambling on esports, you should comprehend the specific video games you can bet on. Learning how each esports game is played can also help you minimize most of the mistakes that amateurs make. Apart from that, you have to use specific strategies as you engage in esports play to boost your chances of winning. Some of the common esports games include:

Dota 2
League of Legends
Starcraft II
World of Tanks
Street Fighter
Rocket League

You can also engage in the different esports leagues and tournaments that are held in different periods across the globe. Some of them include eGames, the Major League Gaming, ELEAGUE, and Halo World Championships.
Online Esports Betting
Find out how to bet on esports

If you have been betting on other sports games, you will find esports quite easy to bet on. The most basic form of gambling in esports is the moneyline bet. Some esports punters also refer to this form of betting as the match win. You may also find other terms for it depending on the specific gambling site you are playing esports from.

You have to predict the specific team you think has the highest chance of winning the esports match for you to place esports bets using this option. As you do this, you have to focus on the best esports odds. Finding value is the key to succeeding in esports gambling. In esports, the odds indicate the probability of a particular event happening. The esports odds are often represented differently based on where you are betting from.
Learn how to engage in esports play

People bet on esports in different ways. Understand the different options available before you start playing esports. The highest percentage of Esports bettors represents those who engage in real money wagering.

In this form of betting, you get to place a wager on esports in the same way you would in other sports games such as football or boxing. In real money betting, you have to bet with your cash then make a prediction. If your guess is correct, you earn some cash. As you focus on the esports odds, you can accurately predict the winners of individual matches or even tournaments.

Besides real money betting, you should also consider other forms of betting, such as social betting. This allows you and your friends to place informal esports bets on the outcome of particular events among yourselves. It is a common betting form that is quite fun since you get to compete against people you know. The problem with this form of betting is that it can lead to some petty arguments or even grudges among friends. Punters who are used to daily fantasy sports also like engaging in fantasy esports. This involves picking players who engage in a specific game and earning points depending on their performance.
Check out the following esports betting tips

Though many people understand how to bet on esports, not everyone figures out how they can make money from esports. Beating the bookmaker and gaining profits from esports is not always an easy process. Focusing on the right esports betting tips can, however, simplify things for you. You have to spend time understanding the games and practice patience to see returns on your investment. For you to be a successful esports bettor, you should start by learning about the betting odds.

Apart from that, you should also learn how to manage your bankroll and come up with a staking plan before you start playing esports. In as much as bookmakers may give you different betting opportunities, you should remember that there are in business. Since they have to make profits from each esports bet a player makes, you should ensure that you maximize your betting opportunity. Managing your funds can prevent you from spending more than you should. Gaining in-depth information on esports games and tournaments is also crucial in helping you make informed decisions.
How big is the esports betting market?

If you are looking for a pastime activity you can engage in during your free time; you should consider esports. This is a gambling activity that is receiving a lot of attention from punters across the world. The digital nature of this game makes it easy for people to make some extra cash without having to leave their homes. According to experts, when esports came into the limelight, they predicted that the betting market would reach up to $ 17 billion by December 2020.

This is because more than a million people now play such video games in the hopes of gaining some extra cash. They end up generating significant revenue for the gambling industry every year. Esports is a fast-growing niche that continues to be appreciated by many.
Final thoughts on esports

Are you bored of always gambling on conventional games such as football and basketball? If yes, you should test your skills in a different sports game known as esports. This involves playing video games digitally while competing with other players in different regions. It is a legal form of gambling in most states though some allow skilled minors to gamble in esports.

There are so many esports games you can engage in online. For you to successfully place wagers on esports, you have to utilize the esports betting tips we have discussed above. Pay attention to the odds offered at different gambling sites and choose a trustworthy sportsbook.

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