Everyone heard about the expression “The house always wins” when it comes to gambling. But when it comes to online casino games for real money, this quote is not always correct. There are many of the so called experts who tried to manipulate the public by writing that online casino games for real money are rigged and the system is built at their disadvantage but that is very far from the truth.

As we explained many times in previous articles in our blog, the online casino games for real money are either live games or RNG games. In RNG games, slots, videoslots, videopoker, RNG black jack or roulette etc., there is a device (Random Number Generator) that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that emulates the randomness of chance. RNG its checked, tested and certified by third-party auditors. These examiners test the mathematics and software that a given online casino runs on and certifies it to be fair.

For the live online casino games for real money, the client can see with its own eyes as if he were in a live casino, the randomness and the fairness of the game, the dealer spins the ball in live time or deals the card in black and baccarat as he pulls them from the shoe, and the shuffle of the cards is also executed live. In these online casino games for real money there are many players who were able to make a profit and beat the famous expression cited above. These players use some special strategies and tactics and they can win various amounts of real money and we present in these article the some of these tactics, which are:

  • 1. Benefiting from casino bonuses and free play
  • 2. Leaving the game while you’re winning
  • 3. Lower the expectations

Let’s have a closer look to these tactics.

Casino Bonuses and Free play

Since the general number of online casinos in the online world its relatively high, companies have to compete each other on the various incentives that they offer to attract new players. Welcome bonuses, Free Play, No deposit bonuses, Free Spins, Free Bet etc. Examples of bonuses on offer include Betzest Casino’s 5€ No Deposit Bonus free to kick start your gambling or Betzest’s Free Bet before any deposits are made.In order to use the free play at the maximum benefit and “beat the system” experienced players try it in the various games that the casino offers in order to check the effectiveness of the playing strategy in the specific online casino games before to start depositing real money. It is worth mentioning that these winnings from these freebies, can be withdrawn as real cash and so the profit its instantaneous. By using the freebies of the thousands online casino that are out there many players have managed to beat the odds and make a significant profit out of these online casino games for real money.

Leaving the game while you’re winning

The famous curse of the gambler is the greed in their play. Winning some consequent hands gives them the idea of being on a hot streak, and in the moment when they are plus, they keep betting and playing and that’s the moment when they start losing all the winnings. If a player wants to make a profit out of these online casino games for real money, he must understand how to smartly administer the bankroll. The games of chance, tend to always fall on the average, of course a little plus because of the house edge, but still after a series of winnings there will be always losing hands, and at the opposite, after a series of losings, it’s highly probable that the player should see some wining hands. So a player must educate himself to stop playing while he is winning and to cash out the profit. It’s obvious that the management of e real life profit streak it’s not like that, entrepreneurs shouldn’t quit while they’re winning, but gambling, being a game of chance essentially has got different dynamics.

For instance, let’s imagine a player that starts with 250 € and plays Black Jack. The player quadruples his investment and reaches the sum of 1000 €. His maximum bet was 50€ In the last hands, since they are going good, the player decides to bet another stake of 100€ to test the luck and loses it, losing 13% of the profit gained so far. The player, very easily could have withdrawn the sum hence making a wise management of his funds, which is critical when playing in online casino games for real money.

Lower the expectations

The majority of people are attracted to gambling when they hear success stories from their friends or relatives, or when they read publicized success stories about major wins in online casino games for real money. There are endless articles about players making millions from dimes, and there is always a friend who won good money from a gambling session. And this draws them to play and gives most of the time a false perspective on gambling. Not all people understand that casino games in general, and online casino games for real money are based in luck, with of course a small percentage which is called house edge which is the favor of the house. Gambling it’s not an investment, it is a hope that you will catch a nice shoe in black jack, that you will have luck in determining the winning numbers in roulette and that some symbols, be it a scatter, a wild or high paying feature will align in a slot game. Yes, it’s hope for a win. Bearing this in mind, people should know exactly what to expect when they enter a casino floor or when they play online casino games for real money and to lower those expectations that might have been created in many cases falsely. Gambling is not an investment, it’s a game that’s based on luck. Players that confront the loosing scenario beforehand will not be devastated that much by the loosing and the victory might be a lot more satisfying.

Playing online casino games for real money can be a pleasant form of entertaining. Playing according to our tips may lead to improved chances for profit but nevertheless these tips doesn’t guarantee winning. We suggest to gamble just for fun and to be very careful about losses, as addiction is a very serious matter and may lead to irreparable losses. Have fun!